Shedim of Dark Humor (Kobal)

Demon of Ragweed

Created by Deathdog <deathdog@stic.net>


Coporeal-3   Str  1  Agl 11
Ethereal-1   Int  1  Pre 3 
Celestial-3  Wil  9  Per 3


a cloud of pollen/6 (only form he may take)


Make People Sneeze/10, Not Take Damage from any attack/10


What songs?


Shedim of Dark Humor, adds Ethereal forces to making people hack, sneeze, cough and wheeze whenever it'd be inappropriate and funny.


He is almost impossbile to hurt. In fact, it is rumored that Lucifer personally did some stuff to him that makes him invulnerable...Why? Who the hell knows.


Ralph was a bad jokster in the Pits of Hell, but he wasn't very smart, strong, or anything else. If anything, he was a Real Loser. But one day while getting Asmodeus some coffee, he stumbled across a plant he'd never seen before. It seemed that whenever someone inhaled it, they would have violent fits of sneezing and coughing. He took the opportunity to test it out on the Prince of the Game himself, and was quite pleased when it worked wonderfully. Of course, he was immediately turned into a pile of burning ash, but his life was basically worthless anyways. Kobal thought the plant was cool, and since Ralph had the balls to try it out on one of the most power Princes in Hell, Kobal decided to make Ralph the Demon of Ragweed. Only thing is, Ralph really is ragweed, in every way, shape and form. For some reason the Song Kobal used was really a modified Mummy incantation, and it got messed up. At any rate, Ralph is now and indestructible cloud of pollen that roams the world looking for victims, planting ragweed plants all about. Kobal couldn't be more pleased. Asmodeus was rather pissed at a mere go-fer in the Department of Really Nasty Things getting a Word outta nowhere, but Lucifer himself approved of the idea simply because he thought it was funny, too.


Since Ralph is basically a moron, he just roams around making people sneeze. He does have an agenda besides this, but it mostly consists of getting some cheese and making it moldy. Not too swift...


Novalis hates him, obviously. None of the other Archangels could care less.

Asmodeus is ploting to kill the creep, and Haagenti wants to put him on a tossed salad because he heard ragweed went good with romaine lettuce. Yummmm, Caesar Salad ala Ralph.

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