Shedite Baron of Factions (Malphas)

The Demon of Abuse


Corporeal Forces 5  Strength     12  Agility    8
Ethereal Forces  5  Intelligence 11  Precision  9
Celestial Forces 5  Will         12  Perception 8


Attraction (Cele/5), Dreams(Corp/4,Ethe/5,Cele/4), Entropy(Cele/4), Healing(Cele/4), Tongues(Ethe/5)


Detect Lies/6, Driving/5, Fighting/5, Lying/6, Emote/6, Singing/3

Attunements and Distinctios:

Shedim of Factions, Habbalah of Factions, Imbroglio, Polarize, Baron of Inner Torment, Knight of Restlessness

Special Rites

* Make a non-batterer into a batterer
* Convince a victim the he or she "deserves" the abuse.

"You get off the phone right now, do you hear me?!!!"
"Mary, I'd better get off the..."

"Bob, don't get angry, I..."


"You sorry excuse for a wife! I slave over a desk all day for you


and what do I get in return?!


I... oh, god... what have I done?!"


Malphas is very pleased with Fisuba. Playing on people's frustrations, feeling of dependency and lack of empathy, as well as manipulating people's perceptions of abuse (they ask for it, they provoke it, they like it), Fisuba has mananged to warp the notion of family for about three to four million abused women (in the U.S. alone) into a strange world of guilt, isolation, denial, and most of all, fear.

Fear of reporting it, fear of abuse, fear that one is responsible for the abuse one receives. And that's just the way Fisuba likes it.

In fact, Fisuba has managed to generate so much fear, distrust, and pain, that Beleth has given him a distinction herself!

But perhaps Fisuba's most treasured brain-child is the vicious cirle of abuse. Fisuba helps his victims along this cycle, moving them through the four general stages: Tension, Incident, Remorse, and Honeymoon. At first other demons were skepical of the Honeymoon stage, until they witnessed its ability to hold the couple together, allowing the abuse to continue and escalate, driving the victim further into passivity and hopelessness, driving the batterer further to her/his Fate.

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