Shedite Servitor of the Game (Asmodeus)

(Created by: "Paul F. Strack" <>)

Corporeal Forces - 2 (Strength 4, Agility 4)
Ethereal Forces - 2 (Intelligence 3, Precision 5)
Celestial Forces - 5 (Will 12, Perception 8)


Charm (Celestial/5)


Fighting/3, Dodge/2, Emote/3, Fast Talk/3


Balseraph, Calabim, Habalah, Shedim and Impudite of the Game

Merodach is a deep agent in Asmodeus's game. Merodach is a specialist in delicate possessions. It feels nothing of the usual Shedim's drive to corrupt its host, instead concentrating on doing its job as effectiently as possible. As a result, Merodach is often involved in delicate actions where discretion is essential. Its reputation in this area is superb.

Despite its skill, this is not Merodach's true purpose, however. Merodach carefully observes the demons it works with, seeking any sign of rebellion. It is skilled in sniffing out Dissonance in nearly all the Bands of demons. Only Lilim and Djinn escape its understanding, and as a result it is especially careful in its scrutiny of those Bands.

Merodach is careful not to blow its cover when it discover infernal traitors. It will wait until the job is finished before it blows the whistle, waiting until after others believe the Shedim has left the area.

Merodach's prefered method of capture is to simply possess the vessel of Renegade and walk it back to Hell. It won't hesitate to call in backup from other Servitors of Asmodeus if it needs it.

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