Humans and Undead

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Here's the "little people"... They're listed by "status," alphabetically. Eventually, you may get the whole alphabet. For the now, I'll do it like the angels and demons.

Entries marked with a "*" are off-site. If you find a broken link, please tell me. Thanks.

Important Note! Though SJG has kindly provided space to host these pages, the characters contained within are *not* official or canon! They are created by and for fans of In Nomine, and are the responsibility of myself and the individual authors.

Saints | Soldiers | Servants | Mundanes | Undead


Saint Bruce, Patron Saint of the Martial Arts


Elwood Blues, Soldier of God
Jake Blues, Soldier of God?
The Bully Boy Bat Squad, human Soldiers of Hell and zombis *
Curtis, Soldier of Creation (Eli)
Meriah Nelson, Soldier of Lightning (Jean)
Max Shelby, Soldier of the Media (Nybbas)
Tracey Tanner, (unwitting) Soldier of God


Salvador Goy, Director of Classified Courier Operations, CIA *
Quentin Tarantino, Film Director


Beat Cop, Detective, and Fireman
Dr Archibald (Arch) Craven, Medivac doctor
Kimchi Hida, Flirtatious Research Assistant
Military soldiers, "unwitting human pawns"
Dr. Caroline O'Malley, Medivac doctor
Swann, Lord of Illusion
Connie Tarantino, Mother and Comics Buff
Wandering Immortals, Destined and Fated
Motofusa Yamaguchi, Eccentric Medical Researcher



Kahn, Mummy serving Gluttony (Haagenti) *
Jean Miro, Renegade Mummy, Ex-servitor of Death (Saminga)


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