Jean Miro

Renegade Mummy

Ex-servitor of Death (Saminga)

Created by: Peter Frederick <>

Jean is a very experienced Soldier of Hell. Recruited just before WW1, he has had a long and reasonably distinguished career, as can be seen from his attumentments and distinction. A few years ago he opted out of further service to Saminga to try to seek a cure to his flawed immortality. In his quest he has sought out other Renegades and some Divine Celestials to try and find something that would ensure his eternal life. His original recruiter has followed him around dealing with the people Jean has uncovered, and gathering a fair amount of kudos.

Jean appears to be in his early 30's tall, urbane and generally immaculately dressed with straight slicked back dark hair and an undisguiseable French accent. He likes to think that he is an expereinced and knowledgable player in the "Great Game", as he calls it, but in truth he is just a bit more fortunate than some others. Also his innate cowardice has saved his skin more than once.

Corp F 2

Str 3 , Dex 5
Fighting 2, Dodge 2, Song of Healing 4, NC Acid 4

Eth F 3

Int 6 , Perc 6
Medicine 3, Chemistry 3, Lying 2, Knowledge (Demonic Standard Operating Procedures) 2, English 3

Celest F 2

Will 5, Percp 3

Vessel +1 level (total 3), Body Hits 15

Attunements - Zombi

Distinctions - Knight of the Dead

Extra Rite - half hour ceremony to Ra, Must be done at sunrise, where the sun can be seen coming over the horizon. This rite is only effective for non-Celestials and is handed down from ancient Egyptian mummies.

Discord - Cowardly 2, Gloating 1 (see below)

New Discord - I hadn't seen this anywhere and thought it just had to be done.


Sufferer is a fearful gloater. When ever they gain an advantage over an opponent they will start to gloat reminding the opponent of how much better they are and how inferior the opponent is. Sufferer must make a Will roll at a negative equal to the level of the discord or gloat mindlessly. A successful Will roll lets the Gloater restrain himself for a number of minutes, or combat round if in combat, equal to the check digit.The Check digit of a failed roll indicates the length of the gloating fit as well as the degree to which the Sufferer becomes distracted from what is happening. On anything more than a 3 the Gloater may begin to give away vital information about his goals, actions and weaknesses.

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