Mundane Humans

By: "John Karakash - Lucent ASCC" <>

> Next question...Of those ordinary mortals, ignorant of the war, what stats
> would you give to a typical policeman, and typical fireman?

Well, they each have five forces (with the very rare six forcer who is either a soldier or will be recruited Real Soon Now). Call it Corp/2, Eth/2, Cel/1 for most of them. Some, like detectives, will have a point shifted from Corp to Cel to bump up that perception. Really macho guys might have one shifted from Eth to Corp.

Inside of Corp, the stats can go either way. Nothing less than 3, though.

Inside of Eth, lean toward intelligence for detectives, investigators and office people. Toward precision for beat cops and active firemen.

Inside of Cel, it's a matter of choice except for investigative types. Here's some examples:

Joe the Cop                 Bob the Detective
-----------                  -----------------
Corp/2, Str/3, Agil/5        Corp/1, Str/2, Agil/2
Eth/2,  Int/3, Prec/5        Eth/2,  Int/5, Prec/3
Cel/1,  Will/2, Perc/2       Cel/2,  Wil/3, Perc/5

Rick the Fireman
Corp/2, Str/4, Agil/4
Eth/1,  Int/2, Prec/2
Cel/2,  Will/4, Perc/4

Okay, Joe is a typical beat cop. He probably is decent with his gun, has a high Savoire-Faire (local people/criminals) and will probably end up pushing papers when he starts slowing down.

Bob probably barely made it through basic and his turns as a beat cop. But his late hours studying, his attention to detail (high perception) eventually was noticed and he was promoted to Detective. With luck, Bob might make Captain one day, or perhaps retire from the force to become a private investigator.

Rick is pretty much a gung-ho fireman. Not too introspective, perhaps, but he's good at his job: adroit, able to carry heavy equipment into a fire, and victims back out, brave (high Will) and with a good eye for potential hazards.

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