Saint Bruce

Patron Saint of the Martial Arts

By: Peter Frederick <>

(Not sure if the inspiration for this was Divine or Diabolic, but here it comes. I haven't done Stats for St Bruce because it might depend on how powerful you want Saints to be in your campaign. I would peg him at about 10 Forces, and make him one kick ass dude.)

"Peace to the peaceful."

Born in Tibet before the birth of Christ, Bruce rose through the ranks of a contemplative mystic order of priests, who studied the harmonious coordination of mind, spirit and body. Achieving Enlightenment, Bruce spread a doctrine of self reliance and service to others along with his self-defence knowledge. Ascending to Heaven, Bruce made the acquaintance of a number of the Archangels and eventually became a servitor of Michael. After another successful Incarnation, Michael successfully petitioned the Seraphic Council for Bruce to receive the Patronage of the Martial Arts. Since then, Bruce has worked to further the physical, mental and spiritual study of the Martial Arts and to keep them free from Diabolic influence. Although he has had a number of Incarnations he prefers to be called by the christian name of his most recent Incarnation.

Now in Heaven again, Bruce is quite happy to further his Patronage from the Celestial plane for a while. He is on good terms with many of the Archangels, especially Michael, Lawrence, David and Eli, although he is a little cool with Dominic because of his growing persecution of Eli. Bruce is also on good terms with a number of the Bodhisattva, having first ascended to Heaven as one of the Enlightened, and has on occasion negotiated with Michael for them to gain Incarnations on Earth to advance their ideals, his Patronage and Michael's Word.

Bruce has two attunements which he can bestow to those he feels have done good work in his cause. He generally favours Soldiers of God and occassionally the Enlightened with these attunements, but a few angels have received them also.

One Inch Punch -

By spending an Essence the User can generate extra Power for his next successful bare handed attack. This works only with unarmed attacks, but once activated lasts 12 hours or until the User successfully hits something. It adds 3 Power to the attack, 6 if intentionally targeted against an inanimate object.

Furious Fists of Kung Fu -

By spending an Essence and taking an action the User can perform such a spectacularly outrageous feat of Martial Arts prowess that any one seeing it must make a Will roll to initiate combat against the User. This effect lasts for 5 X [Ethereal Forces of the User] minutes. It is also broken if the circumstances of the confrontation are improved in the favour of the User's attackers; e.g., they receive reinforcements, one pulls a gun, someone else successfully attacks the User.

Bruce also has a distinction he can bestow.

Sifu of the Gentle Art -

The Sifu can recognise and evaluate the style, experience and skill of any person they observe using any armed or unarmed skill. In game terms this means she knows the Skill Level [and/or chance of success??] of anyone she observes using any non ranged combat skill. Also if the person has received training of a specific rather than general nature the Sifu will be aware of the general details of the training ("Ahh so you have been taught by the Monks of Shan Lung.") and may, at the Ref's discretion, be able to turn that knowledge to some advantge.

Bruce has no rites of his own, but can allow servitors of War who use Michael's rite of training combat skills for 4 hours who practise Unarmed Combat to regain an additional Essence.

"So I pray to Saint Bruce...."
"Saint Who?"
"Saint Bruce, the Patron Saint of Martial Arts. I say, 'Saint Bruce, send meVictor Sage,' and here you are."
from The Question published by DC Comics. Apologies to the author whose name has temporarily forsaken my memory. [Denny O'Neil, most likely]

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