The Serpent People

The Cthulhu Mythos in In Nomine (part 1of many)

by "cd skogsberg" <>

In appearance, they resemble the snakes they have been named after by the humans who know of them; hairless, pied and scaled, with a sinous tail, an ophidian head, and arms and legs. Their skins are commonly emerald green with a white zig-zag pattern along the back.

The Serpent People, today, are a remnant of a remnant, the last degenerate remains of a race that in the Permian Age dominated large parts of the world, reared cities of black basalt, discovered strange and profound principles of chemistry and hypergeometry, and bowed in hissing worship before the altars of Yig, Father of Serpents.

So why didn't God or the Archangels wipe them out? For one thing Yig was content to leave the rest of the Symphony alone as his chosen race did things no non-reptile can understand. Yves had seen what was to be the Destiny of the Serpent Men, and after he'd satisfied the rest of the Seraphim Council that they would make no threat to mankind, the Archangels pretty much left them alone.

What did the Infernal side of things do, then? Well, for the most part it had, like the Angelic side, a profound lack of understanding of the Serpent mind. Not for lack of trying, but, it seems, the inner workings of Serpent-kind minds are utterly inscrutable to all beings from the lower Heavens (which, in the beginning, the demons were, too).

The Serpent People still remain, they have simply undergone a decay into degenerate, debased remains of their glorious past. For the most part, an average Serpent man (of which there are maybe 60,000 around the globe) is stunted, both in intellect and body, in comparison to their elder bethren. There are, however, a small number who learned the secret of immortality, who remain in this day and age, and a few who are atavisms from the older versions of the species. These individuals often lead their degenerate brothers and sisters as priests of Yig, whom all Serpent Men still worship today.

Serpent People (Degenerate)

Corporeal Forces: 3  Strength: 9      Agility: 7
Ethereal Forces:  1  Intelligence: 1  Precision: 3
Celestial Forces: 1  Will: 2          Perception: 2

Skills: Dodge/1, Fighting/2, Language (Serpent)/3, Language (1 Human language)/1

This is a pretty average degenerate Serpent Man. Most dwell either in strongholds of the cult of Yig, in some remote and inaccessible location, or among the down-and-out of large human cities, where their feeding won't be noticed (they prefer living food).

Serpent Man (Atavism)

Corporeal Forces: 3  Strength:     6  Agility: 6
Ethereal Forces:  3  Intelligence: 8  Precision: 4
Celestial Forces: 4  Will:        10  Perception: 6

Skills: Chemistry/2, Dodge/1, 3-4 Knowledges/2-4, Language (Serpent)/4, Language (2-3 human languages)/2-3

Songs: Charm (Ethereal/2, Celestial/3 *Note* Works *only* on Intelligence/Will, respectively), Entropy (Celestial)/2, Shields (Ethereal/3, Celestial/1)

This is an atavistic Serpent Man, either favored by Yig or an immortal. The ones favored by Yig often has memories of past lives, including knowledge of old, forgotten skills and strange spells, while the immortals often remember past ages from when they dwelt there themselves. The scholars of bygone days often know spells too.


Note: *All* Serpent People know an equivalent of the Celestial Song of Form, which allows them to disguise themselves as humans. This is automatically successful, requires 2 Essence/month, and can be dropped/raised at will. Dropping or raising it, however, *will* cause a minor disturbance in the Symphony. (Degree of Disturbance: 2)

They also have the equivalent of NC: Fangs/3 and Tail/2 in natural form.

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