Movie: The Nymph & the Cherub

By David Wood

By Request... (Okay, it was by ONE request...)

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[Fade from black, exterior shot of a medieval village, circa 9th century. People are running around, roofs are on fire, and there are peasants, men in abnormally bright and shiny armor, and animals lying dead in the streets.]


VOICEOVER: It was a time of upheaval and intolerance,

[Turn and follow a fairly large man in peasant's garb running out of the village and into the woods]


VOICEOVER: Of the death of myths and legends,

[He meets up with and hugs a thin, short woman in a small green dress; she has dark hair and pointed ears.]

FORREST: It's not safe here any more, we have to move on.

DEIDRE: I ...can't, I have to remain here. This is where my

FORREST: That's why you can't stay here. They're already gone.

DEIDRE: But only in one sense...


[Dissolve to battlefield where Forrest is confronting a knight]

VOICEOVER: Of the ending of friendships,

KNIGHT: Tell us where she is. If you stand against us, you will die.

FORREST: No. A love like ours is worth dying for.


VOICEOVER: And lives.

FORREST: And killing for.

[Dissolve to another night scene, Forrest and Deidre running. Behind them follow six or seven knights in the oddly glowing armor.]


VOICEOVER: It was a time of war,

DEIDRE: You must leave me, they will not stop until they have destroyed me.


[Several knights morph into flickering, shadowy shapes which fly ahead and catch up with them]


VOICEOVER: Waged by the army of God on the creations of Man,

[Deidre screams; Forrest transforms into a glowing winged bull and attempts to engage the shapes]


VOICEOVER: And when brothers were forced to fight,

[Forrest administers the "killing blow" to one of the black shadowy things and changes back, wounded.]

FORREST: Let's go.


VOICEOVER: They did so with all the passion they had.

[Dissolve to Deidre being run through with a sword.]

FORREST: NOOOO! [Attacks those around him, several join together and fight back.]


VOICEOVER: That war brought a premature end to one of the most noble romances created in Heaven or Earth.

[Hold several seconds on Forrest and Deidre on the ground, hands outstretched but not touching, fade to black.]


VOICEOVER: After more than a millenium, that final chapter is about to be written.

[Jump cut abruptly through white screen to the 20th century, large city. A large, sneering man who looks an awful lot like Forrest, wearing a tattered T-shirt and scruffy jeans, walks angrily down the street. He sees a bum, sees the fresh bills in his hand, and grabs him by the collar.]

FORREST: Which way did they go? Which way?

[Forrest, still holding him, throws him against a wall; there is a crack. Forrest shrugs, lets go, and stomps off, the body slumps to the ground revealing a fresh, round red spot on the wall.]


VOICEOVER: But the story's ending has gained one hell of a twist.

[Jump-cut to Deidre (or a businesswoman who looks very much like her) sits at a table in a scruffy looking apartment, shaking her head.]

DEIDRE: No, I can't believe it. He was never like that.

JOSHUA: Believe it. He is now.

[Jump-cut to Deidre and other man driving off quickly in a sports car, Forrest behind them firing a gun.]

BORIS: Old boyfriend of yours?

DEIDRE: He still is, I think. He's changed.

BORIS: Uh-huh. Falling does that to some people.

DEIDRE: Falling?!

[Jump-cut to dark warehouse. Wooden crates without people in them are stack four and five high. Deidre is sneaking around alone.]


VOICEOVER: The angel that protected her is now the demon who is stalking her, which raises the question...

[As Deidre is wandering the warehouse, the camera pans with her and onto Forrest in the background. She turns.]

FORREST: It's been a long time. Did you miss me?

[He transforms into a nightmarish winged monster-bull; she screams; jump-cut to black.]


VOICEOVER: "Can this story possibly have a happy ending?"


VOICEOVER: The Nymph And The Cherub. Coming soon to a gaming table near you. This adventure has not yet been rated...



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