The Angel of the Selfless Gift

By Eric Hallstrom (


And it is said that, one day, Dominic, the dark-cloaked, bright
Archangel of Judgement, was passing from his Cathedral in Heavan
upon business of His own when he Saw, approaching Him, an Angel.

And it is said that Dominic Saw that the Angel was a Bright Lilim,
but that she was Chained by many Self-Geasa, and that her wings
were as black as Night. And Dominic frowned at this and stood
before her and asked: "Who are you, Lilith's Child, that you bring
into Heaven chains and black wings?"

And it is said that the Angel said: "I am Netanya, Most Holy. The
Angel of the Selfless Gift, and this is yours." And she handed the
mighty Seraph a small package, which squirmed.

And it is said that Dominic frowned, for he Saw that this was Truth,
but he did not remember that Word having been granted by the Seraphim
Council, so he asked again: "Who is your Superior?"

And it is said that the Angel answered: "God," and said no more.

And it is said that Dominic started, for he Saw that this, also,
was Truth, and that the package squirmed again.

And it is said that Dominic looked down at the packeage, and that
opened, revealing a tiny kitten. And the kitten spoke, saying: "Mwr."

And it is said that Dominic frowned at the kitten, and went to put
it down, intending to return it to the care of Manifold Jordi, the
Archangel of Animals whose Word properly concerned it.

And it is said that the kitten then dug its tiny claws into the
Seraph's dark cloak, and spoke again, saying: "Mwr!"

And it is said that Dominic looked again upon the kitten and Saw that
this meant that the kitten was not Jordi's, but rather, his own, and
that to separate it from him would be Punishment.

And it is said that Dominic Saw that the Punishment would be Unjust,
for the kitten was only a kitten, and had done no Harm. And for
Dominic to punish anyone Unjustly, even so small a one as a kitten,
is _most strictly_ forbidden.

And it is said that Dominic looked about him, but that he Saw that
Netanya, the Bright Lilim with the Black wings, was nowhere to
be found.

And it is said that Dominic looked at all these things and Saw that
he was Truly screwed.

She was born a Free Lilim, born into Geased chains. She never forgot, and she never forgave, and she kept her mouth shut and anytime her Mom _needed_ something, there she was, ready to hand.

And finally all the chains were gone, and so was she.

And the next time anyone saw her, so were her horns and skin-tint. Oh, she was obviously still a Lilim, but she was carrying new chains, chains that led nowhere but herself, and her wings were as black as a moonless midnight and she had a Word: the Angel of the Selfless Gift.

One would ordinarily suspect that this would give her the approximate half-life of, say, nobelium-254. Ordinarily, one would be right. But it appears that _Someone_ likes her.

Or, perhaps, it is simply that the Symphony _needs_ somone who would give Dominic a kitten.

Netanya, The Angel of the Selfless Gift.

12 Force Bright Lilim (of God?)
Corporeal 3 (Str: 5, Agl: 7)
Ethereal 4 (Int: 10, Pre: 6)
Celestial 5 (Per: 10, Wil: 10)
Word Forces 15

Vessel-3 (Human Female, Cha+1)
Vessel-3(2) (Female Cat, Cha+2, Pwr-3, Ddg+3, Claws:2 Fangs:2, No hands-4)

Usually about 15 pts. of Roles, varying widely.

Celestial Toughness-2

About 40 pts. of skills, again varying widely between appearances.

About 30 pts. of attunements. Malakite resonance. Bright Lilim.
Angel of the Selfless Gift. The Only Celestial Wizard.
Self-Geas-6 "I will not surrender to or allow myself to be captured by the Forces of Lucifer."
Self-Geas-6 "I will not allow any evil to exist unchallenged when it is my choice, nor will I allow any evil to exist unchallenged forever."
Self-Geas-6 "I will not collect Geasa for my own profit, nor will I charge where a gift may be given."
Self-Geas-6 "I will never hesitate to piss off people who deserve it."

Angel of the Selfless Gift: Netanya may use her Lilim Resonance without eye contact. She will only detect needs that lead the recipient to their Destiny, or that benefit the Symphony as a whole.

If she fulfills a resonance-detected need _and takes no profit_ she will Geas the Symphony instead of the recipient. The Symphony will pay off ... sometime. When it's really important. Probably.

If the owner of this attunement does not use the "selfless" part of it regularly, the Symphiny will start activating it at random, and geasing the holder into fulfilling the detected Needs.

The Only Celestial Wizard: Netanya is the only known Celestial with Wizardry (q.v.). She has 20 slots for prepared claudications, about 40 points of Mastered songs, and is a Master of both The Speech and The Knowledge. She has a Mana Pool of 27.

Rites: Spend 2 or more Essence helping another person for no return. (1 Essence)

Netanya can gift others with her Rite, and the Angel of the Selfless Gift Attunement to other Celestials, but given the _natures_ of the Rite and Attunement in question, you just know that she'd have to see that you really Needed it first.

Really Needing something, of course, is not at all the same as _wanting_ that thing. Or as enjoying it, afterwards. But, fortunately, she doesn't _expect_ your thanks.

Superior reactions:

Dominic would like to have a little chat.

Micheal just grinned.

Janus was too busy laughing.

Eli thinks she's tres cool.

Lucifer, Kronos, Andrealphus, Baal, Malphas, Asmodeus and Lilith want her dead, dead, dead, force stripped, soul-killed Dead. Now.

Lucifer is offering a Word, Kronos, Malphas and Asmodeus are offering Duchies and Baal is offering a Generalship.

Lilith is offering a Geas-6. Per Force. (Nor Hell a Fury, etc.)

Kobal was too busy laughing. We think he was laughing, anyway.

And a small number of Celestials, on both sides of the War, have let it be known, in a quiet, low-key, only-after-the-lodge-is-tyled way, that they Owe her.

And Dominic would like to have a small chat. Now. And a bucket of kitty litter.


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