A is for Angels

By Redneck Gaijin (redneck@txdirect.net)


I found a great book to my surprize in the the discount rack for only 5 bones at borders today, it is called Angels A to Z the authors name eludes me right now, but it is an interesting read.


A is for Angels, the holy unseen,
B is for Blandine, the maker of dreams,
C is Celestial, the realms of the Light,
D is for Demons, hearts dark as night,
E is for- who else?- the wanderer Eli,
F is for Fleurity, he'll get you high,
G is for Game, and don't you forget it,
H is Haagenti, if you had it, he 'et it,
I is for Impudite, Hell's charming fakes,
J is for Jordi, a big fuzzy flake,
K is for Kobal (who had nothing to do with this I swear!)
L is for Laurence, of his armies beware,
M is for Malphas who rips ties apart,
N is Novalis and her generous heart,
O is for Ofanim, who roll on and on,
P is for Purity- thank God that THEY'RE gone!
Q is for Queen, which describes Andre,
R is Rafael, gone many a day,
S is Saminga, the dumb bloody brute,
T is for Trade in which Marc is astute,
U is for Uriel who got called Upstairs,
V is for Vapula- don't ask for repairs!
W is for War, the old Mike-and-Baal row,
X- no, says Nybbas, it's NC-17 now,
Y is for Yves, who inspires with a word,
Z is for Zadkiel- and THANK GOD FOR HER!!!

--- Redneck


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