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Knowing that God exists does not preclude faith. Faith is not the belief that the proposition 'God exists' is true. Lucifer knows God exists, and yet, Lucifer doesn't have faith in God. Faith is better defined as a trusting relationship. E.g., when your best friend promises to help you, you have faith in your friend that they will come through. That is the faith that religious folks talk of. They take God's existence as a fact, and then put their trust (their faith) in this God.

Or, to look at it another way. Did Moses or any of the prophets lose faith when they encountered God? Certainly not, rather, their faith grew.

Now, in modern society when atheism or agnosticism occurs among a significant minority of the population, the question of whether there is a God does become a stumbling block to faith.

So, the angels don't conceal themselves because of the fear that humans would lose faith if they were to prove God's existence by their own existence.

There are other reasons:



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