NEW SONG: Divine Touch

By Rev. Pee Kitty and Rev. Godfather Gillan

While the demonic equivalent should be "Infernal Touch", most demons continue to use the angelic name in the spirit of irony. These songs involve channeling the sound of the Symphony into another person, f or better or for worse. As the name implies, they all require contact, and are somewhat risky--if the casting roll is ever failed with a check digit of 6, the caster is Stunned for (10 minus his appropriate Forces) rounds. The Symphony is not to be invoke d lightly.

* Corporeal - When channeled into flesh, the chords of the universe are a blinding and numbing experience. A hit to a specific part of the body (arm, leg, head, chest) must be scored in combat. Roll versus Fighting at - 4; if the target's Dodge roll has a higher check digit, the touch misses. The body part hit becomes numb and useless, effectively crippled for rounds equal to the check digit of the Song roll. A head touch results in total blindness instead, and a chest h it cuts the victim's Strength and Agility in half (minimum 1). The victim is also Stunned for one round.

At the caster's will (and demons almost always choose this), the body part may *appear* crippled and deformed. Arms shrivel, foreheads collaps e inward, etc. This has no additional game effect, but can be useful for intimidation purposes while the Song lasts.

* Ethereal - Invoking the Symphony within someone's mind is a truly awe-inspiring experience. This Song can only be used on Mundanes (including Soldiers); it opens up their mind to the Symphony, making them *aware*, even beyond what a Soldier knows. Instantly, the subject knows and understands all that the average Celestial does about angels, demons, the Symphony, t he War, etc. This can save a lot of explaning when recruiting human allies. In addition, while the Song lasts, the human can notice ripples in the Symphony with a normal Perception roll! The duration of the song is the check digit in hours; at the end of the duration, the subject can no longer detect Celestial disturbances. The caster must decide (when casting) if the other effects (knowledge of the Symphony) are permanent, or only last for the duration of the song. Note that enlighting more than a chosen few mortals permanently is a good way to get the unwanted attention of your Superior...

* Celestial - When the raw spirit of All is channeled into a vessel, it can force the spirit within to manifest. A Celestial affected by this Song immediately assumes Celestial form! The Song may be resisted with a Will roll; if the target's check digit is equal to or higher than the Song's, he resists. Otherwise, he must assume Celestial form for rounds equal to the check digit *plus* the tar get's Celestial forces. In addition, Kyriotates and Shedim cannot repossess the host they were in for the check digit in days. If the subject does not want to risk Celestial combat, his only recourse is to ascend to Heaven or Hell. If used on a Mundane, t his Song merely fills them with feelings of wonder for a few moments.

* Essence Requirement: 1 for the Corporeal version; 2 for the Ethereal and Celestial versions.

* Degree of Disturbance: The check digit plus the performer's total Forces (not including the ripple caused by the target in the Celestial version).

**Flaming Feather**

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