New Discords

By (Neel Krishnaswami) ()


Here's a pair of Discords -- one for Seraphim and one for Balseraphim, though some non-*seraphim can still use them. They're modeled after some semi-traditional folklore about angels and demons (which means I saw them once someplace).

I don't like the names, but I wasn't feeling creative enough to come up with evocative ones. Better ones would be appreciated.


No seraph may lie, but a seraph with this discord cannot even evade questions. The most they can do is to simply refuse to answer the question, and even then they must answer truthfully the third time someone repeats the question.

Worth 8 points. I'd make it worth about 15 for a non-seraph on a gut-feeling basis. (Or it could be a good pair of oaths for a Malak of the Sword...hmm.)

Twisty Liar

All demons lie, but a demon with this discord is even flakier and less reliable than usual. A demon with this discord cannot speak the same lie to someone three times. Most demons with this discord will go to considerable lengths to hide it, and are past masters of changing the subject and altering minor details of their story each time they tell it. (GM's call how minor the changes must be. See gobs and gobs of fiction for examples.)

Worth about 5 points for a non-balseraph, 10 for a balseraph. (They can suffer dissonance for getting caught in a contradiction.)

-- Neel Krishnaswami


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