New Vapulan Gadget

By bruce dykes (



the Essence-sink Trigger

The cherub slowly regains consciousness in a room that looks oddly like a prison cell.

"Good morning, finally returning to us, I see," came a voice from an unseen intercom.

Immediately the cherub invoked his resonance to locate the diplomat's son he was supposed to protect. A hundred feet to his left and about fifteen feet below.

"Not to worry, he's quite safe for the moment. But he will be in danger soon. You see that green light in the ceiling? Good. in an hour, that light will be completely out, unless you drop a bit of Essence into it.

"Why would you want to do that? Well, when that light goes out, a fair sized hunk of plastique, not coincedantally located in the young lad's cell, goes boom."

In a room with a couple of video monitors, a loudspeaker and a microphone, three demons watch the angel's furious outburst with smiles on their faces.

"This is funny," said the demon sitting at the mike. "Not hilarious, not yet. Are you sure this thing is going to work?" He directed this last at a demon sitting against the back wall just sitting and smiling to himself.

"Even if it malfunctions, it'll malfunction in such a way as to detonate the explosive. Even I can appreciate the irony in having that bastard dumping Essence into the trigger, only to have it go off and kill the kid anyway."

The third demon was busy on a celphone.

"Are you watching this? F***ing magnificent! If he can keep this up until we kill the kid, we'll want to save this for World's Stupidest Bodyguards 4...I don't know, I think we'll be able to grab at least two or three others before they cop on, so we can use those for the earlier episodes, no use in playing out all the variations with the first go round...yep, the promos should come out of editing tomorrow afternoon...ciao!" ------------------------------------------------------------

The Essence-sink Trigger is the creation of Vapula's Angel of Triggers. It can be set to anywhere from 3 essence/hour to 2 essence/day. It's a deadman trigger, which means that unless the required amount of essence is invested in the trigger, it activates whatever device it's attached to, be it a poison gas canister, or plastic explosives, or what have you...

I created it as a plot device, not something to be accquired by PCs, so I'll forgo any point costs, etc...


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