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By Martin Leslie Leuschen (


Kobal's Halibut:

This Artifact appears to be a simple slightly-less-than-fresh halibut to mundanes, although circumstances might allow them to notice that it never ages and is effectively indestructable. Celestials making appropriate perception+3 rolls will notice it reeks of power. Those devining it's functions will realize it is designed to attack Superiors!

A Superior struck with the Halibut (if in a vessel) will be hit with a Power 30 Physical attack (1), will take 30 Mind Hits if an Int-10 roll is failed (2) and will take 100 soul hit if a Will-10 roll is failed (3). These effects apply only to Superiors.

The Halibut also geases any Celestial picking it up for the first time. Treat this as a Geas/6 to strike a Superior (any Superior) with the Halibut. This function is very hard to spot amongst all the other mega-powers - it wil only be noticed on a CD of 6 on a roll against Perc-5 if the Celestial in question is deliberately looking for more powers hidden beneath the glitz.

It is said that numerous Superiors have tried to destroy this item, but this never seems to "take". However, most of them consider it beneath their dignity to warn their servitors of the Halibut, a fact wich has been known to make Kobal smirk. (Thus the Halibut provides a +5 modifier to invoke Kobal.)


(1) Superiors automatically make dodge rolls at whatever CD they want, and have whatever "protection" level they want. It is rumoured that Baal once allowed a particularly overzealous Malik of War to scuff his boots with the Halibut, but this is unconfirmed.

(2) Superiors never fail Int rolls.

(3) Superiors never fail Will rolls.


The Forbidden Fruitknife:

This is the fruitknife God used to make salad from the Fruit of the Tree of Knowledge at the dawn of time. Lucifer, the "brightest" of the angels, deduced that its personal handling by God and exposure to the Fruit had imbued it with mighty Celestial forces, such thet the fruitknife might be cabable of killing God itself. Thus the future master of temptation was in fact his own very first victem.

Unfortunately, due to complex factors beyond mortal understanding, the fruitknife was of no use against Micheal, and was lost in the battle between him and Lucifer. Lucifer has been after the fruitknife ever since, but He has to be very circumspect, since he doesn't want *any* being in creation to realize what he's looking for. (For similar mind-boggling reasons, his Rebellion made him vulnerable to the fruitknife's effects.)

Note that this item always appears completely mundane, wherever it happens to be. It can even be "destroyed" corpreally, as it is in fact of celestial nature, the embodiment of the concept of fruitknives, and will simply imbue another fruitknife somewhere with its properties. The only valid test to determine it's nature is poke God or Lucifer with it.

The only beings in Creation that know of this item are God, Lucifer, and the GM, although if Eli knew he would think it was cool.

Regards, Martin Leuschen


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