A Discord for Nybbasians

By Elizabeth McCoy (emccoy@nh.ultranet.com)


PhotoEyes (Corporeal)

This Discord afflicts Nybassians, almost exclusively. Whenever the demon uses its resonance, or any Band or Servitor Attunement the GM deems appropriate, its irises... contract, like a camera. Ka-click. This gives observers a Perception roll to notice, increased by the level of the Discord. At level 1, the effect is relatively subtle -- the iris contracts around the pupil, with a faint "inward spiral" motion that an onlooker may discount. Around level 3, the effect is noticably like a camera's shutter. At level 6, the iris expands to take over the entire eye, "snapshots," and returns to normal.

Some beings believe that Nybbas himself suffers from this Discord, though explaining why this would be the case is usually difficult.


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