Possible Artifacts

By Earl Wajenberg (earlw@mc.com)



I would like to hear more abou; the Judas Grail, if you'd care to expand on it. I never heard of it before.

For those who like to roll their own artifacts, here is a list I compiled one dull afternoon, of possibles, taken from the Bible in more or less chronological order:

wood from the Tree of Knowledge

wood from the Tree of Life

flaming swords of the cherubim of Eden

the stone that slew Abel

the sword of Tubal-Cain

the flute of Jubal

wood from Noah's Ark

wine from Noah's vinyard

stones from the Tower of Babel

the circumcision blades of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, or the tribal patriarchs

knife & altar that Abraham intented for Isaac

the rod of Aaron

the rod of Moses

the Golden Calf (or fragments thereof)

the fragments of the Ten Commandments, first draft

the Ten Commandments and the Ark of the Covenant

the Urim and Thumim

the high priest's breastplate

any of the furniture of the Tabernacle

the Brazen Serpent

the horns that brought down Jericho

Elijah's flaming chariot

David's sling

Goliath's shield & spear

Saul's crown

Saul's sword

David's crown

Bathsheba's crown

Solomon's crown

Bilkis's crown (Bilkis = the Queen of Sheba)

furniture from Solomon's Temple

the Magis' gold, frankincense, and myrrh

Judas' 30 pieces of silver

Peter's sword

Peter's fishnet

wood from the True Cross

Holy Grail

Holy Spear

Veronica's Veil

Christ's seamless garment

Christ's shroud

a tent made by St. Paul

from Revelation:

the crown of the White Horseman

the sword of the Red Horseman

the scales of the Black Horseman

the scythe of the Pale Horseman

the seven trumpets of the archangels

the angel's censer

the seven skulls of the Beast

the ten horns of the Beast

the two horns of the False Prophet

Satan's chain

the seven skulls of Satan

the ten horns of Satan


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