New Discord for Lilim: Prepayment Clause

By Elizabeth Bartley (


New Discord for Lilim -- Prepayment Clause:

All of the Lilim's geasa up to the level of this discord have a 'prepayment clause' appropriate to the size of the geas and sometimes the action which incurred the geas through which the geased can discharge his obligation *against the wishes of the Lilim*.

This discord can be taken so that the prepayment must be paid before the Lilim calls in her geas, or such that when the Lilim calls in her geas her victim can fork over the prepayment on the spot instead of accepting or resisting the geas. (Note: her victim may *not* try to resist the geas and then hand over payment if that fails. Resisting the geas is denying that you owe the Lilim; 'prepaying' it acknowledges the debt and simply insists on paying it this way instead of that.) If the Lilim receives payment, the geas-hook (or incipient geas) vanishes; she does not take dissonance if this happens when she tries to call it in. She got paid, even if not _exactly_ what she wanted.

The payment clause is known to the Lilim and is obvious to anyone to whom the geas or geas-hook is visible, and any Celestial will be aware of it if the geas bites (humans will be subconsiously aware, consciously if they understand what a Lilim is and that they've been hooked by one.) The Lilim may or may not have control over what the prepayment is (GM's option) but it would ordinarily be something tangible given to the Lilim (Essence, money, a Vessel, and artifact, etc.)

If the Lilim tries to call in stacked geasa with prepayment clauses, paying off enough geasa that the stack isn't enough to call in the favor she's asking will make her geas-attempt automatically fail. She will not incur dissonance, however; she'll have the payment for part of it and a geas-hook for the rest. (This obviously makes it impractical to accumulate a geas/5 by doing 1 geas/2 and 3 geas/1s.)

(Yes, this makes it difficult to keep geas-hooks on angels and servitors of enemy Superiors. Tough.)


-3/level if:

the prepayment clause is something that can be fulfilled without having to find the Lilim, or

the prepayment clause helps the indebted track down the Lilim or a place to pay her back when making a sincere attempt to repay the geas -- part of the prepayment can be assumed to be leaving that place in peace; nevertheless, this place might be the Lilim herself.... or

the Lilim's identity is easily discernable and where to make payments is well-known (e.g. if you could march into any Freedom Tether and hand over the payment plus two Essence for the Seneshal's time.)

-2/level if:

the indebted must have the payment on hand whenever the Lilim finds the indebted and tries to call it in and cannot pay back at any other time

the indebted can prepay at any time _before_ the Lilim tries to call in the geas but has to somehow find her to do it. (This may mean that whether the prepayment is made or the Lilim calls in her debt is resolved by initiative, or who sees who first!)

Elizabeth Bartley


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