Pyrrhic Havens

By Peter Frederick (


These rare artifacts are the ultimate in defensive installations, but at a price. Physically they generally appear as small statues or ornaments. While active they shield a number of people in a small dwelling from any Celestial and Ethereal Contact. No Celestial form may leave or enter the dwelling and the protected beings will not be able to enter the Ethereal plane by dreaming. The subjects may leave the dwelling, but will not be protected outside the dwelling and all must be present when the Haven is recharged. No Song will find or effect the protected subjects while they remain in the dwelling, although resonances will still be effective. There are some reports of Havens shielding their subjects from the direct attention of Archangels and Demon Princes, but these may be exaggerated.

Every 24 hours the Haven requires 2 Essence for each person protected. Different Havens need to be recharged at different times of the day. Additionally every 12th time that a person recharges a Haven they will permently lose a Force. Where these Forces and Essence go is not known. Some have suggested that they go to the Haven's creator, but since no Haven's creator has ever been identified this theory is untestable.

Due to the severe cost of using a Haven they tend to be used only by the desperate and then only for short periods of time.

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