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Dear List,

In my musings, I've come up with a new way (I think) to use Roles, or another advantage to them if you like. We all know that Roles can mask a celestial's actions in the Symphony, but I've also thought that Roles can 'amplify' the actions of other Celestials.

For example, a Malakim has been studying a Doctor for weeks, and finally decides that he is in fact a demon. The GM knows that the Doctor is an Impudite, but the demon has the Role at level 6. The Malakim has decided that the best way to see if the Doctor is a demon is to casually stroll past him and punch him in the mouth! The 'Doctor' is walking home one evening, when the angel jumps out and assaults him. Using the same system for Roles masking noise (Role level + Corporeal Forces) the GM rolls against (say) a target number of 8 and succeeds. The demon's Role has masked his celestial nature. The demon ends up with a bloody nose, an almighty noise echoes across the Symphony for the Malakim hurting a 'human', and the angel makes a hasty retreat, very confused.

Does anyone else think that this is a good use of Roles?



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