Thirteen Seraphim and the Truth

by Redneck Gaijin <redneck @>


Thirteen Seraphs, one of each major Archangel, were asked to analyze a simple statement. The statement was true for all basic tests. Here are their responses:
Seraph of Blandine: This is true... tell me, did you get this question from someone else's Dream?
Seraph of David: Let's see you prove you deserve to know if this is true.
Seraph of Dominic: The statement is true, if bordering on heresy... are your motivations for asking me this pure? Do not think you can escape judgement...
Seraph of Eli: Yeah, it's the truth! Wow, that was a really neat puzzler, though. I bet you're a really clever person, aren't you? Let's try that again!
Seraph of Gabriel: Yes, yes, it's true, now get out of my way, I've got people to smite.
Seraph of Janus: I'd say that there's a better than average chance that this is the truth... of course, Seraphs have been mistaken before... have you tried asking Dominic's Seraphim?
Seraph of Jean: Just a moment, I read it somewhere... yes, yes, it's quite true.
Seraph of Jordi: You know very well it's true. Do you get some sick enjoyment from taunting me? Maybe you'd like to dangle a shiny flashy thing with a hook attached in front of me next, hm?
Seraph of Laurence: Definitely true. If anybody tells you otherwise, you come tell me and I'll straighten it out.
Seraph of Marc: It's true. That'll be 2 Essence for my time and consulting fee.
Seraph of Michael: It's true. May I get back to my Tai Chi practice now?
Seraph of Novalis: It looks true enough to me. You seem kinda uptight, though. Here, let me give you a nice relaxing backrub...
Seraph of Yves: It's true, as far as it goes, but there are subtle inaccuracies you wouldn't understand unless you've studied the philosophies of Chung Chi or the research on human psychological patterns in herding habits from Johnathan Rickelmeyer...

        --- Redneck (a nice little break from DV stuff)

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