Shedim and hosts

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Matthias Müller wrote:

If I read the IN rulebook right, a human keeps the memories of the possession when a Shedite leaves it. So, he remembers the demonic allies the Shedite visited and possibly their hideouts ? Sounds rather risky, do most Shedites dispose of their hosts after wearing them ?

Correct, humans keep a memory of that which the Shedim did but may not recognize it for what it is. Also I imagine that Shedim tend to work alone a great deal of the time because no one in Hell really understands tham beside another Shedim. The other option is that that do tend to work in groups often have attunements that completely drive out the host mind.

Some examples of stuff a Shedim can do without alerting the hosts memory of weirdness:

Use secret hand signs and gestures to convey information to their partners. The human will remember making the gestures but not why or necessarily to whom. The human has no connection into the thoughts of the Shedim.

Speak in prearranged codes so that your partners know who and what you are despite the flesh suit you are wearing. A catch phrase or a whistling a certain song work well. Make sure to let your friends know not to divulge information to you while in your flesh suit.

Use songs such as the ethereal song of tongues to communicate to your allies. Again the human has no connection to your mind so will not necessarily have any clue. Just make sure to let your allies know not to speak any information out loud.

Only work with other Shedim and be careful. This is a bit subtle but if you work with a group of Shedim and meet in different places every time you can come in different flesh suits each time and get some things done while conspiring to commit corruption. This works best if you read the next one as well.

Only speak in the Demonic tongue when talking about stuff your flesh suit really shouldn't know. As far as the human is concerned he was humming around with a bunch of other blokes for no particular reason, all the while a devious conversation was going on. If this is done carefully you could even get away with it in a crowded bar amoungst a crowd, as long as you knew everyone in the place and none of them were Angels who could identify if not translate your speach.

Other stuff Shedim can do:

Always kill your hosts.

Always leave your host in a situation in which absolutely no one will believe anything he says. Would you believe a single word said by a man you just saw eat his own fecal matter in the center of Times Square?

Sort of a corrolary to the above. Always leave your host in trouble with the law, preferably big trouble. Kill someone and begin to eat them in a public place then leave the flesh suit. Would you believe a single word that Bundy or Manson had to say?

Corrupt your host pretty completely then leave them to the wind knowing whatever it was they found out. As long as you were fairly careful about exactly what they knew it could be beneficial to your side. Imagine that you have been corrupted by a Shedim and have done some rather nasty stuff. You remember talking to some poeple that you had never talked to before you started to change. You might seek tham out to see if they had any information for you, perhaps why you did these things. If the Shedim's allies know about what is going on they have the perfect opportunity to recruit a new servant. Totally corrupt and ready to serve.

Ruin your hosts life in such a way that the roles of local Angels could be blamed. Plant some evidence that these roles were involved. Let the human go and cause trouble. This can be dangerous and works best if the evidence isn't actually planted, but is real although untrue. Example: Flesh suit is corrupted into commiting adultry (then it just gets worse of course, younger girls, men, etc.), wife of flesh suit calls in a private investigator (PCs love roles like that, don't they?), PI ruins the life of the flesh suit with nasty pictures, wife leaves and so does the Shedim, Flesh suit can't blame wife for leaving but he can blame PI for getting involved. What will our hapless mortal do to ruin the life of our private investigator, tune in next week and find out.

Just some thoughts.


Who still stays up late at night getting the creeps about Shedim.


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