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As I continue to work on the game log for my last campaign (hey, it took a backseat while I worked on my plans for world domination), I thought it would be nifty keen to do a writeup for one the props that reared it's ugly head during the first day of gaming.

Mind you, it was a headache and half trying to figure out how best to use the 'Liber Reliquarum' to create this little gem. I -think- I got it right, but would like a second opinion or two...

+10 points for Gabriel's Servitor Attunement, /Smite/.
+5 points for the Unbreakable feature.
+5 points for the Undetectable feature.
-1 point for being usable only once per day.

It takes the shape of a small, lime-green, squeak toy hammer. It does not have an Essence reserve of its own, and requires that the wielder expend their own Essence to fuel the Attunement (at least 1 point of Essence is apparently needed). The damage and range of the Relic uses the Wielder's Celestial and Corporeal forces respectively, as per the Attunement.

It's most likely that Gabriel created this bizarre artifact in one of her crazier moments. Probably saying to herself, "It was a good idea at the time..."

How it wound up in possession of a demon of the Game is unknown. Though many suspect Kobal asked Valefor to steal it for him, and that he eventually gave it to the Game as a present. Probably saying to himself, "It was a good idea at the time..."

Though it was never used (at least the Attunement wasn't), it first appeared in possession of a Habbalite of the Game. It was promptly stolen by an Ofanite of the Wind, and 'liberated' by a Triad of Judgment. Rumors flying about Heaven suspect Dominic now carries the idiotic thing around with him in his cloak. Probably saying to himself, "It was a good idea at the time..."

Added Bonus, Impressive Game Quote: ---------------------------------- "The world is going to Hell and a Handbasket, and the Cops are at a F---ing BBQ!?!" - Jeff

- Tafka J. = # Balseraph Marquis of Fate, Demon of Delusions of Granduer


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