Andrealphus, Archangel of Lust

By: redneck@txdirect.net (Redneck Gaijin)

(Andrealphus' Word is useless when there's no Creation or human souls to power it. However, Andrealphus' Archangel title is just that - a title. He has *NOT* Redeemed, he is still an Impudite, and his loyalty is strictly on the basis of pragatism.)

The world lusts for life; let us make life worth living.

Andrealphus is still an Impudite, still very selfish, and still very, very cold. However, now that Armageddeon has come and gone, his Word is in simultaneous rise and decline. More lusts exist in the anarchy of the post-Apocalypse Earth, but fewer humans exist -to- lust... and Saminga wants to finish off the world entirely.

Andrealphus is no fanatic, no madman, and no fool, and he spent Armageddeon watching from the sidelines. When he heard of Lucifer's Redemption, he left his hiding place, summoned all his Servitors to him, and presented them to the Angels as their new force. The angels, especially Eli, recieved him with ill grace and a distinct lack of goodwill... but they recieved him.

Andrealphus, to repeat, is no fanatic. He has not changed himself, nor does he plan to, but he embraces New Heaven's central cause; Angels and Demons can coexist in peace. He makes no pretense of having any Redemption possibilities, unlike Nybbas or Lilith. He intends to use, and occasionally use -up-, humans, but will fight like a cornered cat to make sure nobody uses up -humanity.-

Andre has one concern, though; through all the consorting with Angelic types, the majority of his demons are in danger of Redeeming themselves. Not that he'd necessarily lose their services anymore - this is New Heaven, not Hell - but it grates on his Demonic soul to see -selfless- Servitors of Lust running around.


The old dissonance requirements for Andre have been lifted, forcibly, by Eli. It is now Dissonant for Andre's servants to kill a human for no other reason than to satisfy the servant's desires. Of course, Andre doesn't have to abide by this, so be very careful who you accept a backrub from...


The following Bands of Demons have been barred from service with Andrealphus in New Heaven: Shedim.

The following are Choir Attunements for Angels serving Andrealphus.


A Seraph of Andrealphus may sense any pleasure an individual is deliberately denying themselves and their reasons for that self-denial. They may also sense the physical pleasure the target of their Resonance most enjoys.


Have the same attunement as Djinn of Andrealphus.


Ofanim of Andrealphus may sense the location of the object of a target being's lusts, as per their own Resonance.


Elohim of Andrealphus may absorb and dissipate any negative emotions besides Lust from a being with whom they have physical contact; this generates a note of Dissonance if successful which fades after 24 hours, and may only be done once per day, as it temporarily disrupts the Elohite's emotional balance.


Malakim of Andrealphus may sense which Lusts a target indulges in which -they- believe are wrong/immoral... and on a sufficiently high check digit (GM discretion) they may also sense whether or not that Lust -is- wrong or immoral. (Although some, like a Lust for chocolate, are fairly obvious.... )


Kyrotiates with a sufficient number of Forces (10 or more) gain a special rite - +1 Essence to have two Human hosts copulate with each other. They may also possess a being experiencing orgasm without a Resonance roll, as per the old Shedim attunement, and may add their Corporeal forces to a Resonance roll against someone they touch. (It's GOOD to be a Kyrotiate of Andre... };-{D )


Mercurians of Andrealphus may sense the complex interconnections of sexual relations in any group of humans, in addition to the normal results of their Resonance rolls.


Remain the same, but are now named Vassal of Pleasures, Friend of Heavenly Delights, and Master of Eternal Ecstacy.


ALLIED: No one
HOSTILE: No one*

*Note: All the other Archangels are Hostile to Andre.

--- Redneck

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