"You've got to be Joking."

By: Elizabeth "Archangel Beth" McCoy

(K.K. is a Munchkin Lilim of Dark Humor, known for having Perception 12, Will 12, Corporeal Forces 1, and going around getting Geases on Malakim for their need to kill her. She's a munchkin NPC.)

Knowing absolutely nothing of Redneck's notions about what should happen, I'll spend a half hour or so and write... This.

Black-winged death hurtled at the scrawny Lilim's head. She laughed and pointed her finger. "Pretend you're a teapot!"

The Malakite squawked and backwinged, fighting against the Geas. A Calabite distracted him from that, and K.K. turned to seek out someone else who Owed her.

Then she felt it, and looked up. Her dread Lord Kobal, and his Calabite Brother-Prince were at the buffet table in the Glade, where so many nice treats had been abandoned. K.K. frowned. He didn't *look* any different, but the Word of Dark Humor was trembling within her.

Another Malakite dove for her, and she had to defend herself, batting the young Virtue away into a clot of Saminga's Djinn. Yet another of the defending angels headed towards her, and she waved a hand. "Play dead!" He fell back and was pounced upon.

Struggling against the grasp of a horde of Shedim -- including the disgusting, boring, humorless Prince of Death himself -- the Archangel of Flowers looked up at Kobal while he laughed, and shouted something as she was dragged down.

Her master stopped laughing. He frowned. And K.K.'s world fell apart.

She dropped to her knees, screaming, as the Prince of Dark Humor threw his head back in a howl. His halo rippled, like an eclipse that was finally ending, and his leather wings sprouted shining feathers.

K.K. clutched at the ground, fighting as if for breath. _Dark Humor! I serve Dark Humor! I serve Kobal! I-I serve... *LAUGHTER*!_

_What a joke!_ she thought, stunned by her Bright Lord. _What an ultimate joke!_

Kobal the Mercurian grinned at the celestials who had paused in their fighting. He rubbed his hands together, raised them...

And a fang-filled maw rose above him like something out of _Jaws_, with the obvious conclusion.

K.K. shrieked, calling her Lord's name, trying to get to him. A swirl of fighters came between her and the table, and when she fought her way past, there was nothing there but a greedy, hopping monstrosity, roaring with his own mirth, and a few feathers. She walked forwards, into the ring of calm around the Prince that was left as the Servitors of Flowers tried to defend their captured Archangel. She picked up a feather, pale and glowing white against the green of her skin. "Master..."

Haagenti noticed her and grinned, reaching for her with a hairy paw. She ducked and bolted away, clutching the feather, heading towards a clot of black wings. She knocked one over and clung to his wing. "Help me escape!" she demanded.

He scowled, but the Geas bit and he threw an arm around her. They vanished from the Groves just before Haagenti took a bite out of the ground where they stood...

So K.K.'s roaming around the Earth (probably having ditched the Malakite, but hey, if it made a good story), trying to deal with her ex-Prince's Redemption and death. She went and shattered her Heart early on, lest she be taken over by Haagenti (and used for a spot of color on the main course), but is pretty much lost without her old Prince. And in a vessel with only 2 body hits. And with no Malakim to play with.

K.K., the darling of Shal-Mari's "Malakim Blooper Reels", is miserable. And she's just not going to stand for that. Now, if she can only figure out whether she serves the *entity* or the *Word*...

And she's still got that feather.

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