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With Angels and Demons serving side by side in New Heaven, it's easy to assume that an Angel Falling isn't that bad a thing. "Oh," says the Angel, "I don't have to worry about Dissonance anymore, if I Fall I can just sign up with Nybbas or Lucifer."

GMs, this should never, ever be this simple.

First off, unlike in the pre-War days, there is no longer a safety-net of Outcast to catch you on the way down. Since New Heaven doesn't throw out the Dissonant or Demonic, the only warning an Angel might have is if they realize their nature is becoming more selfish, more driiven by innner desires than the themes of the greater Symphony.

Also, Heaven has been desecrated as a part of the War. That's why demons can exist and abide there now. Earth is even worse, with destruction, greed and hatred running wild across the planet, Humanity's darker emotions at their height. The darker tones of the Universe overall have their effect on Angels, making it easier for them to slide from grace into selfishness.

As such, the first time an Angel fails a Dissonance roll or draws a Demonic Intervention, they Fall.

When an Angel Falls, their innate nature is twisted. Sometimes the changes are subtle, as in Impudites and some Balseraphs; other times the change is radical, as in Calabim or more insane Balseraphs. In any event, the Demon born by the Angel's Fall is a different person from the Angel before that Fall, and whatever motives the Angel had in Falling will be perverted or ignored by the Demon's inner priorities.

If the Falling Angel was in Heaven, they will find themselves in corporeal form on the Earth after the Fall. Depending on circumstances, they -may- choose to return to Heaven... they may go rogue, seeking out their own pleasures on the Earth... or they may go, voluntarily or not, to Hell.

All the Demon Princes have agents scouring the Earth, searching for Renegade demons, but also searching for new Fallen to take to their Masters, or to destroy. The Demon may find themselves without a choice in their future, if one of these recruiters catches him.

And, of course, falling Kyrotiates are not permitted back into New Heaven. Shedim have no place in the Preserver force, not when their basic nature is to drive their hosts to self-destruction.

The Falling process must be played carefully, both by the PC and by the GM. The GM in particular should make Falling every bit as perilous a matter as it was before. The player should roleplay the inner change in the character to the fullest, showing that the Angelic character's nature and personality are being warped by their Dissonant, and then Diabolic, nature. If the player is doing this for simplistic reasons like, "I think Calabim of Nybbas get a cooler job than Ofanim. I wanna switch Attunements." or "I can just Fall, root around in Hell and spy out the land, then go back to Heaven and give them the news!" etc., the GM should either demand an excellent roleplay or else skew the results so that what happens is not what the wilfully Falling Angel expects.

If worst comes to worst, have the Player roll D666, and ignore the check digit except for Interventions. This method is totally arbitrary, so it should not be used as anything more than a rule of thumb; the GM should make the final decision on the status of the Fallen as best fits their scenario.

ANGELIC INTERVENTION - The Archangel the Angel served comes to the Angel's rescue, restoring their Angelic status on a probationary basis, as per the IN Redemption rules.

2 - 4 - The player remains loyal to New Heaven.

5 - The player is nominally loyal to New Heaven, but doesn't really care about its goals, simply choosing

6 - The player becomes a Renegade, doing favors for the Preservers but no longer willing to serve under their orders.

7 - The player goes Renegade, serving nobody and avoided or ignored by both sides.

8 - 10 - The player turns traitor entirely, seeking out Hell's demons and offering information in exchange for their patronage. The player may seek out a specific Superior's servants and attempt to make their own deal.

11 - 12 - A specific Demon Prince takes an interest in the Fallen, and will not take no for an answer. If the Fallen resists, the Prince will see them dead rather than go to another Prince's camp.

DEMONIC INTERVENTION - The player's heart becomes totally Diabolic, but Hell doesn't want him... not alive, anyway. No Demon Prince will take them, and they won't want to return to New Heaven. This demon will be hunted by Saminga and Dominic's forces, as well as Gabriel's and possibly Lucifer's warriors. (This sort of living will get them into a Repentant frame of mind fairly quick, if they survive.. ^_-)

Again, the dice system is a guideline only. For story purposes, the Angels of New Heaven divide up into thirds when they Fall; 1/3 loyal, 1/3 neutral, 1/3 traitor.

(And whereas some Princes of Hell like traitors, others don't particularly care for new blood anymore, now that the War is almost won...)

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