Gabriel, Archangel of Fire

By: redneck@txdirect.net (Redneck Gaijin)

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Gabriel broods at the corner of the table, toying with her General Tso's Chicken, not even making a pretense of acting inconspicuous. Around her, her so-called allies bicker and natter about inconsequential things. She sticks a forkful of the spicy dish into her mouth, tasting nothing, caring nothing for it.

Her mouth opens, and words fall out; "Bring unto him the meek and lowly, that he may bless them."

The others stop their talking, drop their forks. The demon Andrealphus wants to know what the words mean. Gabriel doesn't care. The Lord doesn't tell her what things mean. He tells her what to say. He walks with her all the time, watching over her. One day, he'll order her to slay the wicked again, she hopes... but for now, he says to listen to Yves, and for Him and Yves she accepts the demons' presence.

But when she is strong again, then the wicked shall perish by her terrible swift sword. And God shall smile on her and say, "Well done, my faithful servant." God loves her. God watches over her. God watches over everything, He sees the wickedness, and soon He shall loose His servant against the wicked and the cruel. Then everything will be all right again, everything will be simple like it was before.

Gabriel scoops up another bite of the Chinese before her.

Hmm. Delicious.

Gabriel and Belial, with the vast majority of their Servitors, met in the Battle of the Apocalypse in the most savage part of the battle on any front. When the battle ended, a handful of angels and a severely battered Gabriel held the field, whereas none of Belial's demons, or Belial himself, remained.

Unfortunately, other demonic forces came, and Gabriel had to flee, sending her forces to seek allies and reinforcements. Gabriel fled from battlefield to battlefield, seeking others to regroup with... and finding Heaven lost, Paradise vanished, Earth a shambles and Hell holding many of her Angels in its pits of torture.

Weeping bitterly at the betrayal of her hopes, she fled into the deepest parts of the Earth, tending her wounds in the fires of the molten core. Eli came, and begged her for help; she turned him away. Yves came, telling her of their regrouping in Heaven, and she refused to hear him. The world had betrayed her; she wanted nothing more to do with it.

And then the Divine Spark opened itself to her, and she knew God had not forsaken her.

Whereas Gabriel was unstable before, she is manic-depressive now. She speaks only in grudging single sentences at councils of the Preservers, when she can be coaxed from Earth's depths or her liberated Cathederal in Heaven. Her wounds are as yet unhealed, her Forces much reduced, and her power levels in general not much above a middle-level Worded angel.

However, she retains her Archangel standing - because, at least in her own mind, the Almighty still talks to her.

More often than not, the words Gabriel speaks come out of nowhere, in response to nothing in particular, extremely cryptic and obtuse... but, as always proves the case, not only relevant but -vital- to the cause at hand. The only time she is vehement and outspoken about anything is when, in the darker moments of the fight, someone will claim that God has forsaken Creation entirely. Then she goes ballistic, screaming and ranting about God's Will and God's Love and how God is with her every moment of the day. It would seem insane... but those little clues always pay off...

Gabriel hates demons more than ever, and makes no exception for Redeemed former demons. Then again, she's angry at the entire world except for God, her remaining Servitors, and Yves, whom she still trusts to make everything right again. Slowly, slowly, she is withdrawing into herself, becoming more petulant and childlike with each passing day, the last tiny bit of her sanity clinging to the hope that the Lord will return to the world and make everything make sense like it did before. She'd be pitiable, if she wasn't so bloodthirty and powerful...


Alone among the Angelic Preservers, Gabriel has no Demonic Servitors. When Gabriel spots a demon, it's Smite first, ask Yves later. Thankfully, she doesn't show up away from her dozens of hiding places often (see Invocation, below).


Gabriel is angry at everything... except Yves. Yves and God and her Servitors are the only ones she can trust. God told her to trust Yves. Yves will make things right. God will make things right. But first God will tell Gabriel to smite the cruel, smite the unfaithful, smite the unbelievers, smite smite smite until everything is nice and happy again....

As for the other Preservers, Nybbas and Andrealphus fear her, for good reason. Lucifer wishes he could help, but Gabriel won't let Novalis close to her anymore. Eli worries for her, and Lilith wants to find some way to control her. Yves works hard to calm Gabriel's rages when they occur, to cheer her up when she's depressed, and protect the world from her... except when her fire is needed, for inspiration or for smiting.

Allied: Yves
Associated: No one
Hostile: Everyone else




Roll one die at the start of a gaming session; this is the chance that a PC will find Gabriel at any known hiding place (Kilauea, the center of the Earth, her Cathederal, Mecca, etc.) when they go there to seek her.

Any Angel may attempt to summon Gabriel: however, the only successful roll is a Divine Intervention, and if the situation is not absolutely dire -and- that Angel is not one of her Servitors, Gabriel will be *extremely* angry with that Angel and will refuse to help them - in fact, if they have any Dissonance or serve Lucifer or a demonic Archangel, she will Smite that Angel as punishment! If the situation -is- dire, or if her Servitor is asking her help in imminent combat, Gabriel will become eager to help, and will accept any Angelic help (or help she percieves as Angelic) in slaying the wicked.

--- Redneck

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