The Granite Throne

By: redneck@txdirect.net (Redneck Gaijin)

Hm. The Granite Throne (which I made up for image purposes) has grown into something more sinister.


SONG: Unknown

FUNCTIONS: Reliquiary (level unknown, but horrifically high)

Cost: about 6 billion character points (yeah, SURE your starting character can have it. }:-{D )

The Granite Throne was created by Lucifer at the height of his triumph (retro-change continuity if need be) to secure his place as Supreme Being of the Universe. The full extent of its enclosed Songs and powers are unknown, but one thing is known - the Essence which prayers used to send to God, or which goes unclaimed each day, is being funneled through hundreds of tiny anchors throughout all the Realms into the Throne, usable by the being attuned to the Throne no matter where they are.

One thing is obvious, though - the person who sits in the Granite Throne by right may impose their will on any demon, anywhere, anytime.

There is a catch, however. First off, the attunement to the Throne requires an investment of 50 - that is not a misprint, FIFTY - Essence per 24 hours. The person who claims the throne will get this back- the Throne holds such immense Essence reserves that 50 is just a tiny drop in the bucket. Still, this fifty Essence cannot come from another Reliquiary - the claimant must touch the Throne themselves and spend 50 Essence from their internal supply every 24 hours.

Finally, the Throne may only be used by beings of Demonic nature. An Angel or non-Celestial attempting to use the Throne will gain two points of Dissonance and 2D Soul damage as a result of the feedback- and the Essence is still burned.

As you might guess, this pretty much limits its usefulness to the most powerful of the powerful - those Demon Princes who can use souls in Hell as a source for Essence. Newcomers like Dominic may have the capacity, but not the resources to hand, for an attempt.

Lucifer gave up his attunement to the Throne when he Redeemed. Saminga (who in his delusion is both smarter and dumber than he appears) rushed down to the Throne Room to make his claim, and now sits almost constantly on that Throne, the saner corners of his mind knowing that, now that he holds the prize, letting go would be a suicidal act. Even if he is the most powerful Prince even without the throne, the others could (and likely would) gang up on him at the first opportunity.

(Note: If a Preserver PC sees the Granite Throne, something is VERY wrong. If a Demon PC sees it, they've done something very good, something very bad, or perhaps both. Either way, you DON'T want it in your average campaign. If you do use it, your players better be part of a major Superior-led battle... )

--- Redneck

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