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When the Eternal City fell to Baal's armies, Jacob's Ladder snapped, the stairs of Heaven were broken, and Paradise was sealed away from the forces of Hell. In this moment, the remaining defenders of Heaven broke and scattered, mowed down in some places by the rampaging hordes, falling in valiant last stands around Superiors like Michael and Laurence in others. At battle's end, the first level of Heaven lay in Lucifer's claws... but the rest had been moved forever beyond his reach.

After Lucifer's Redemption, little has changed. The Eternal City is occupied only by a garrison of Kronos' forces, there to prevent any Angels from reoccupying Heaven and to send any heaven-bound souls to their Fate in Hell. The Council Spires are broken, the Groves are nothing but burned stumps, and Yves' Library, which could not be burned, is walled up roof to basement, sealed off from all outside contact. All the old Heavenly Tethers have been ripped out at their foundations, their Seneschals massacred. Heaven, as the Angels once knew it, is a raped, ravaged and desecrated shell of its former beauty.

Only one tiny corner of Heaven is in Angelic hands. The realms between Gabriel's Cathederal of Fire and the Marches is guarded by Lucifer's Lighthouse, a smaller version of his old, abandoned Cathederal of Light in the Eternal City. Here the reduced Seraphim Council sits (with a Mercurian at the head - an irony Lucifer pointed out at the first meeting, embarassing Eli no end), re-organizing the scattered Angels and renegade Demons and planning their strategies to dethrone Saminga and bring a true peace in the great War.

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