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So, God's buttoned up the Upper Heavens, and Lucifer's Redeemed himself into a less powerful Seraph. Guess that does away with the need for Intervention rolls in Dark Victory, right?


Just because the two most obvious mechanisms for Intervention have been removed does not mean Intervention does not happen. The Symphony works in very mysterious ways, and good and evil both have a theme in that Symphony. Interventions may not be directly fulfilled by the Almighty or the original Adversary, but that doesn't mean they aren't fulfilled.

Let's take three examples.

(1) You're in deep kimshi now, Sato-san

You're an Angel. You're in a fix. Your Superior isn't answering. You roll to Dodge... and get a 111.

* Gabriel hears your summons to someone else and comes to your rescue, destroying all demons in sight. (Works well if your character is alone or is not working with neo-angels.)

* Jordi shows up and throws the demons into total confusion, letting you escape. (General purpose out.)

* The demon's strike whiffs and hits another demon. (Standard GM catastrophic-whiff ploy.)

(2) Let's discuss your anti-antisocial tendencies

You're a demon with a lotta Dissonance. You do something else Dissonant and roll a 666.

(1) One of your Superior's rivals likes what you're doing and cleans your Dissonance up... -and- lets you Summon him if you get in a bind with your current Superior.

(2) Circumstances undo the act which would have been Dissonant (for example, the doggie a Servitor of Saminga just gave a biscuit to wags his tail, devours the biscuit, and then trots right out into the street and dies happy).

(3) Three days ago i koooldnt spell engineer. now i are un.

You're trying to do something using a Skill, the success of which may just make or break your entire mission. You roll an Intervention.

No examples needed here - you got lucky. (Or unlucky.) An angel forging an ID to get into the Socialist Republic of Cornwall might roll a 111 and get an ID so good he can use it -anywhere-... or on a 666, he'd get a one-way ticket to a Reeducation Clinic the first time he set foot in southwest England. A demon trying to Fast Talk someone might roll a 666 and gain a Servant (or just a total trusting dupe), or on a 111 might be talking to a Soldier of God. Whups.

One final note - demons on the side of the Preservers are shooting for 111, NOT 666. 666 is the attention of their former friends in Hell... something they do not want in the least.

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