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Welcome to DARK VICTORY.

Armageddeon is history. Most of the old Superiors on both sides are dead. God took His blessed in Paradise away, sealing off the Upper Heavens from the lower, removing them from the Spheres of the World. The militant Celestials on both sides fought and died, leaving the peaceful and the destructive to sort out the aftermath.

In its moment of victory, however, Hell split apart into factions. Saminga roamed the Earth, destroying humans and absorbing their Forces wholesale. Nybbas, Andrealphus, and Lilith bolted Hell, vanishing into the ravaged Earth.

And then, Lucifer, the Adversary himself, vanished.

Hell didn't notice this until Novalis was ripped from her place of torment in the heart of Abaddon by a power so horrible and brilliant in its glory that few of the lesser demons could even look at it. Subsequent investigation revealed that Dominic, Marc, Yves, and a great number of lesser Angels had been rescued from Hades' dungeons.

Then Dominic returned, a Balseraph wrapped in fire, ranting on how the forces of Light had betrayed God, and how Lucifer had them enchanted and coerced and corrupted, and how all Creation must die by the sword, and much other paranoid ranting. The more stable Demon Princes pieced together the mad Fallen Angel's rantings and deduced the horrible truth - somehow, some way, their dread leader had Redeemed.

The seat of power in Hell lay wide open.

Before any of the other Demon Princes (including the new, totally mad Demon Prince of Cleansing) could make their move, unfortunately for them, Saminga returned and laid his own claim. Thanks to Armageddeon, his power had grown past even Kronos', and as the most powerful being in Hell he asserted the power he'd thought he had all along. Once on the Granite Throne, however, Saminga did almost nothing. In his little world, he already ruled everything, and so while his delusions and paranoia paralyzed Hell, Lucifer and the defecting Demon Princes, along with the escaped Angels and their Servitors, organized an alliance with the few remaining free Angels.

Good once again has a tiny foothold on Earth and in Heaven... but it is a Heaven desecrated, an Earth scarred and depopulated, and an Afterlife in which Paradise is lost to Man; when you die, you go straight to Hell, good, bad or indifferent. It is an Earth where the pagan gods grow more powerful as the desperate seek them out, praying for salvation to any who will hear. It is a universe where Hell is still winning, and the thin candle-flame of divine hope may still be snuffed out.

It is a world without God.

In Dark Victory, your character will either be an Angel, neo-Angel (Demon serving the side of Heaven), or a Demon. Angels and neo-Angels call themselves the Preservers, and call the Demons remaining in Hell the Destroyers.


* Thwart the efforts of the Destroyers, whatever they may be.
* Preserve what is not yet destroyed, rebuild what has been.
* Rescue trapped Angels and unjustly damned souls from Hell.
* Retake Heaven from the Demon occupation.
* Find a way to convince the Almighty to return Paradise to his Creation


* Destroy the Preservers, Angels and Rebels both
* Complete the destruction and enslavement of humanity
* Support your Superior in his/her bid for the Granite Throne

Players playing from the Preserver point of view should read 'Good Omens' by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett immediately. Players playing from the Destroyer point of view will be best served by reading 'The Screwtape Letters' by C.S. Lewis or the most recent inter-party diatribe from the US Congress, whichever happens to be more diabolic at the moment.

Take a look through the collected writing, feel free to email me with questions and requests... and if you decide to run a campaign through this world, by all means let me lurk or keep me informed of what goes on, so I can get feedback and give as well.

And as always, have fun.

--- Redneck

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