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The crowd from Bright Dream and Dark Dream; the Night Music Austinites are likely listed in the Austin section.

Marcus - Surviving, having gotten slapped down a time or two before Armageddeon, so he's never gotten his Word of Cruelty to Animals. He's still serving Saminga; we saw him last herding monkeys into an onrushing Amazon forest fire. He's having the time of his life, using every different way he's ever learned to torture critters to death, in bulk, and there aren't any angels around to stop him. (Yet... after all, Jordi is still out there...)

Nichole - Still stationed in Austin; works as one of the special Guard surrounding the city, protecting the lone Angelic Tether from attackers. She takes advantage of her situation to talk to Gabriel whenever she can. She's gotten to see her Superior at least twice; the first time, Gabriel shrieked and ranted about Nichole betraying her trust, running off to Novalis; the second time, Gabriel welcomed her as a true and faithful servant, her work required now more than ever, only Servitors like her able to understand Gabriel's feelings. Nichole's worries are divided equally between the coming Demonic attack (she knows, in her heart, it must come) and Gabriel's fading grip on reality.

Charlie - Took down a number of Malakim and Cherubim before finally getting Celestially destroyed in Armageddeon. Being one of Saminga's experienced Corporeal-realm bruisers, he was on the front lines. Oh well.

Tariel - Not Fallen, but a captive in Hell. Kronos currently holds him, unwilling to turn him over to Saminga or Vapula, letting solitary confinement work its way with the Cherub, cut off from everything, lost and alone...

Sabrina - Uninterested in human prey, she's jumped ship from Andrealphus' jumping ship, going back to Haagenti so she can continue to work her wiles on other Celestials. Lately she's been toying around with a Calabite of Malphas... though in this case, it's a fair question who is toying with who. And Lilith still has those Geases on her...

Adam - Screwed up once too many times. He ended up a midnight snack for Haagenti long before the Apocalypse. (Hmmm. Balseraph. Burp. Too bad you're hungry again an hour later.)

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