Yves, Archangel of Destiny

By: redneck@txdirect.net (Redneck Gaijin)

The world has its own destiny... and it lies in our hands.


Yves is, if anything, more silent than ever, keeping his own counsel on most issues. Strangely enough, his word has maintained its power, even adding a little, since Armageddeon... apparently, even while the Earth is sliding towards its final Fate, its peoples are meeting more and more of their Destinies.

It's very hard to get a handle on Yves, really... he hasn't changed that much, even though his surroundings have... the best way to demonstrate is to show what he has to say about his fellow New Heaven Superiors.

LUCIFER - More than any of us, he holds the future of the Earth in his hands. He has taken the first of many steps. I think Novalis and Marc are in good hands with him.

ELI - Destiny has placed him in a greater place than he dreamed. I think he will adapt well.

GABRIEL - Gabriel has so much potential still, if she could only heal... I fear a very dark Fate for her if we do not stand behind her.

LILITH - Her time of decision draws near. More I cannot say.

NYBBAS - Perhaps something new is being born in Nybbas... Destiny has many paths, and not all of them are visible even to me.

ANDREALPHUS - A sad, sad creature. A being who embodies desire for the things of the Corporeal world, who denies himself and his the greatest joys to be found in these things. Lust has a potential few realize, even himself...

(Items listed only as they are changed from IN Rulebook, not including addendums in Heaven & Hell.)



Yves does not use Balseraphs. He has no emnity towards them as a group; those who are charged with revealing the way to Destiny have no room for lies in their hearts.


A Djinn knows if any being he is Attuned to will meet their end from violent means (murder, suicide, etc) during the currently active period of that Attunement.


Calabim of Yves gain a -reverse- entropy effect. Their resonance works to -reassemble- that which is broken - shattered pots, body wounds, holes punched in walls, etc. for a number of Body Points equal to the Calabim's Celestial Forces plus the Check Digit. However, if the resonance fails, the Calabim must strike out as before to -destroy- objects or take Dissonance. (The resonance is a unique twist on Calabim nature; Yves' Calabim work to destroy the acts of Fate.)


Habbalah of Yves may add their Celestial Forces to an attempt to force self-confidence in a victim.


Lilim of Yves can tell if granting the Need they see in a victim's eyes will move them closer to their Fate or Destiny.


An Impudite of Yves may choose to -give- an Essence rather than steal it while using their Resonance; this imparts good luck for a short period on the target. (The target may change one die one digit up or down on their next roll - a 3 might become a 2 or 4.) The luck fades after the Impudite's Celestial Forces in hours.


ALLIED: Lucifer
ASSOCIATED: Eli, Gabriel
NEUTRAL: All the others*

* It should be said that, although he is not Hostile to Andre -exactly,- he reacts less favorably to Andre himself than the other Superiors. Andre's Servitors bear no unusual onus in his eyes, though.

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