Dark Victory - Presidency


Redneck, what happened to The President of the United States following Armageddon?? If he vanished, is there someone still holding to a central government, claiming the rights to be The Prez?? Or there isn't even the presidency anymore??

The President of the United States, Vice President, Speaker of the House, President Pro Tem of the Senate, and most of the Cabinet were killed during the massive Celestial battle which destroyed Washington D. C.

The only person currently claiming to be President of the United States is Russell Johnston, former Secretary of Health and Human Services (alias Roshtandariel, Duke of Republican Democracy). He has set up a national government in Boston (see Northeast States of America), appointed 'representatives' and judges as per the old Constitution, and made contact with most of the city-states still holding on to some level of civilization in the old US and demanded their loyalty. Most of these cities follow Texas' lead and denounce Johnston's police state as a sham republic.

Of the remainder of the surviving US, only Texas has outright renounced its loyalty to the USA on the grounds that the USA no longer exists. (At least, Texas is the only surviving political entity to do so- several tiny new principalities, as well as the Mormon Church in Salt Lake City*, have done likewise since). Most of the rest of the surviving cities are planning emergency elections for a new Congress- nobody knows where, or if, it will meet, but it keeps hope alive that the USA just might return and rebuild.

* I wrote elsewhere that the Mormons expelled all non-Mormons from Utah (which they renamed the Republic of Deseret). This lasted about two weeks before the Mormons sent a delegation out to ask the non-Mormons to return, as they had taken a large chunk of materiel and manpower with them when they went. Non-Mormons cannot hold public office in Deseret, but they are permitted.

Long live the Confederate States of America.

Well, there's at least -two- claimants to the Confederate government. One holds Montgomery and Birmingham, Alabama, and not much else; the other is helping turn Richmond, Virginia into a bombed-out ruin. (I'm waiting for more info on the guy who volunteered to do Virginia... I liked what he had when I saw it...)

Whether or not the nation of Texas feels like joining either... quien sabe?


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