Asmodeus Hit Squads

by Emily K. Dresner <>


I've been tripping. I remember the old Robotech television anime series, actually three stand alone series, dubbed, rewritten, and spliced together for American audiences. The second generation, "Southern Cross", had the Masters of Protoculture and the aliens always came in triumervants.

I'm thinking of that because, well, because I am.


According to Mr. Rulebook, my oddly organized pal, under Dominic the servants move in Triads in the Divine Inquisition. This is a Seraph, a Cherub, and a Miscellanious. They are Judge, Jury, and Executioner, and their sentances are absolute. They chase down the guilty, persecute them, and end it in one swift move.

So how are Asmodeus Hit Squads organized? I think it's fair that Asmodeus mirrors Dominic, not only in purpose, but in methodology. A triad would mean you have three demons watching each other all of the time to make sure none of them steps out of line, who have proven themselves in loyalty one way or another. So, I came up with:


A Balseraph of some standing, probably masquerading as a District Attorney. (I don't see DA's as Impudites, sorry. That requires compassion. Imps would make create Slip and Fall small claims ambulance chasers, but wouldn't do to be putting the Innocent away on circumstantial evidence.) The Balseraph would do the questioning, probably have the Dissonance Binding attunement, and would levy sentance. Generally the superior of the three.


A Djinn, also of some standing, probably a cop of some sort. He has tracking, survival, and of course is there to attune himself to the victim, find him, and bring him back. A bruiser of some quantity, heavy on combat and lower on mental skills.


I was torn, but eventually decided on a Calabite for pure destructive power. His job is to carry out the sentance. Period. I made mine have the role of a Meat Butcher, just for panache'.

Basically, the exact same as the Dominic triads, but with much darker, bloodier purpose. They aren't interested in trying the victim and deciding on a verdict by majority vote. That sentance is already handed down from Asmodeus. The idea is to Find, Repent, and Pay for Crimes, since they are already "guilty".


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