The Guildhall of Free Lilim

by James Walker



Celestials travelling to the GuildHall from the Corporeal or Ethereal planes have the option of arriving here. A celestial artifact made by Vapula's enchanters adorns the football field sized roof. The artifact resembles the Lilim symbol, but is about 30 feet across and made of a strange mix of bizarre circuitry and the fragments of broken hearts. Any Lilim has the option of Geasing herself to the artifact: if she has 2 Geas/1 she will feel a slight tugging towards the GuildHall. If she wishes to follow the tugging, she must make a Perception check; success allows her to travel to the Guild Hall and causes one of the Geas/1 to fade while the other is now owed to Vapula. Don't fail. Failure can send the Lilim to Tarterus, the Far Marches or (on a Divine Intervention) the Pearly Gates. The artifact (which is usually just called "the roof") cannot be used to avoid Limbo. Most Lilim prefer to use a Tether, but it is useful in emergencies. Rumour has it that Bright Lilim may use the roof for free; Asmodeus covers the cost. [Shogg is often here, studiously avoiding work. He is a Djinn of Sloth who hasn't got around to finding a new Prince yet. He is paying off a Geas to Lilith by acting as her personal secretary, and has pretty much absolute power within the GuildHall IF you can persuade him that doing something is worth the effort. However, even mighty Dukes of Hell quail at the thought of trying to persuade Shogg to work.]


This level, which appears to several floors, is filled with mansion-sized apartments occupied by those Lilim who are successful enough to be able to afford them. Many are vacant, and available to any Lilim who is prepared to pay the exorbitant essence cost. Several of the apartments are modelled after famous mansions through history, and are maintained by the finest (damned) human servants from the period.

Of course, Lilith has the most impressive, which will have been remodelled since the last time you saw it. It contains a large waiting room that may (at Lilith's pleasure) be redecorated to resemble a famous railway station, museum or walkway. It will usually contain several hundred waiting supplicants.


The middle levels of the GuildHall are given over to a selection of small rooms designed for interviews, meetings and conferences. The door of a vacant room will unlock for any Lilim who gives a point of essence to the door; the door will continue to open for that Lilim (only) for the remainder of the day. Word Bound Lilim often maintain a presence here using a room as a base for operations in Hell. Known Lilim operating from here include the Demon of Gambling Debts and the Demon of Secret Deals. Other Free Lilim here will wish to talk new Lilim into joining an "insurance" scheme where the members send essence to any other member who is currently in Limbo. To join the Lilim grants a Geas/1 to one of the damned humans kept for this purpose; should she enter Limbo the Geas will fade, alerting the other Lilim to her location. They will then start sending essence, up to an amount negotiated when the Lilim joins. A Lilim gaining a new vessel in this way will owe the sisters who sent her essence, but this can normally be paid off by returning the favour.

The demon of Compounding Debts (a servitor of Mammon) will also be found here occasionally, and deals with her are widely due to the versatility of the attunement she offers. The attunement affects any who owe its possessor a Geas. Should they ever have 3 or more points of dissonance the dissonance will immediately convert into an additional level of Geas. This includes the dissonance celestials gain for delaying fulfilling the requirements of a Geas. She charges 6 Geas/1 for the attunement. Other demons have rooms here, including the bargainers of Alaemon and Saminga, and demons (like Shogg) who possess the attunements of a destroyed demon prince. One such demon is the Lilim Vera, the last surviving Lilim of Disease. For a Geas/3 she will trade another Lilim an alchemical preparation which contains her Lilim of Disease band attunement. The attunement sends a disease into remission if the infected human will voluntarily accept a Geas. The human is still a carrier; use the duration chart in Fall of the Malakim to determine how long the disease stays in remission. Yes, the Geas is owed to the Lilim with the preparation, not to Vera.

Vera and Shogg are only two of the demons with the attunements of slain Demon Princes who have been granted Lilith's protection and the right to remain here. Many others have rooms here, which they pay for by hiring out their now unique abilities.


Every Demon Prince (and several other powerful word bound demons) maintains a "Booth". Given the limitless space available (should you be willing to pay Lilith's fees) it should not be surprising that the booths of the more megalomaniac Princes are larger than earthly skyscrapers. The bargainers change, but the styles will normally remain unchanged. Moving from one to another is simple (for Lilim) and although they all have an open region facing onto the central hall most have entrances which allow discreet entry into more private regions. Although most "Bargainers" have cannot modify the deals set by their superiors they do have a wide range of things on offer - Rites, Attunements, and artifacts are the most common, but only the tip of the iceberg of resources available. They are also the contact points for any Wordbound demons serving the same Prince, who can make any bargain that they choose.


This small, semi-hidden booth does very little actual bargaining, merely reminding Lilim of the usefulness of "Chalk Outline" when someone Needs a body disposed of, and so on. Should a Lilim take the time to chat with the staff she will be contacted later that day and offered an interview in the privacy of one of the "interview rooms". The interview will always be with another (free) Lilim who will offer specific tasks and has a wide range of things to offer in return. Any contract will include the requirement that the Lilim conduct at least two interviews with other Lilim seeking employment with the Word of Secrets. Lilim who have been interviewed repeatedly in the past without making a deal can expect do to extra interviews. Further details will be sent to the temporary employee by the celestial song of Tongues. Many Lilim are bound to the Word of Secrets for a simple reason - Alaemon requires his newly bound Lilim to maintain a cover as a Free Lilim, which (in addition to enhancing his word) allows his Lilim to keep the status of being a Free Lilim while having the security of being Bound. Even Lilim who are determined to remain Free often trade for Alaemon's attunements: Instead of accepting Geasa for attunements Alaemon has one of his Word Bound Lilim insert a Geas Hook on the purchaser, making it harder to determine who owes the Demon Prince of Secrets what.


The demons of Lust maintain the largest and most flexible booth, which is known as "The Stable". Surrounding the central orgy are blue movies starring the most famous Lilim of Lust, carefully filmed to demonstrate the usefulness and versatility of both the Word of Lust and of Andre's attunements. Even quite senior Lilim will make a point of dropping in to note the latest developments in the arts of Lust. Andrealphus' Word bound demons are frequent visitors at this booth, allowing Lilim to negotiate for more specialised rites and attunements. The popularity of Andre with the Lilim means that Andre needs no specific strategy for recruiting; however he has been (successfully) encouraging the belief that is the mark of the more successful Free Lilim to have a specific word of Lust which looks to them for inspiration: the Lilim has all of the rites and attunements for that Word and rather than being bound to it, regards herself as the Word's patroness. Competition between Lilim to be the Patroness of the more popular Words is greatly increasing Andrealphus' power. Most Lilim have at least one attunement gained from Andre's Wordbound demons, while Lilim only Enhancer Talismans are a favourite reward offered by Andrealpus.


The Game has never been popular with Lilim, but Asmodeus has been slowly overcoming this problem with an elegant campaign of recruiting Free Lilim to hunt renegade Shedim. Frequently it is necessary to capture a Shedim without harming the human host; the Lilim resonance is ideal for this. All the Lilim need do is acquire a Geas on the Shedim (which is normally easy on a Shedim, as the Lilim will be given permission to tell the Shedim the location of the nearest demons bound to the Game) and then use it to order the Shedim to go Celestial, where Asmodeus' Calabim are waiting. The contracts between the Game and Free Lilim are notably more generous if the Lilim makes a point of telling her sisters how disgusting this particular Shedim was - the Bargainers refer to this as a bonus for having to deal with such a foul mind, but everyone knows that Asmodeus is just encouraging the condemnation of Renegades.

The booth is a strange mix looking half like a police station and half like a fixer's den. Asmodeus has found that this strange juxtaposition is the best way to encourage curiosity among the Lilim, and that curiosity is the best way to catch quality Lilim. "Wanted" posters adorn the walls; Asmodeus will pay the offered bounty whether the bounty hunter cleared the hunt with him first or not. Every band of demons is represented [excluding the Lilim] including minor bands, such as the Pachadim; there will always be a "wanted" poster for a member of a minor band no one has ever heard of before - again, curiosity Bound the Lilim. The Game also runs an "dissonance insurance" scam where a Lilim can supposedly buy extra time to get rid of dissonance by doing small tasks for the Game. Of course, no Lilim is stupid enough to inform the Game that they have a dissonance problem so the scheme is rarely spoken about. (So rarely, in fact, that the demons running the stall will not know the details of the scheme.) The more experienced Lilim suspect that the scheme is a blind to lure them into complacency - having seen through this scheme, Asmodeus hopes they will underestimate the Game's true schemes. Asmodeus dislikes the concept of Free Lilim and has ordered his Servitors here to assist any "Bargainer" who looks like persuading a Lilim to bind herself into his Princes service. This order has caused the death of three of Asmodeus' bargainers and the humiliation of all of the others as Lilim are "tempted" by the prospect of serving Kobal. Each month the bargainers are given a number of vouchers granting paying the essence bid for one or more games of chance at one of Asmodeus' casinos - the casinos will also accept a Geas as a bid, and a number of Lilim have ended up serving the Game to pay off gambling debts.


The booth of The War, manned by the most rakish Calabim and Impudites Baal could find, resembles nothing more than a typical Army Reserve recruiting booth. The Bargainers sales pitch is a mix of stressing the excitement of The War with "apologies" that because of the scarcity of Lilim that they can't expect to see the more thrilling (i.e. dangerous) parts of the war. They take the most patronising grandfatherly response possible. This has resulted in many Lilim signing up with The War to prove that they are just as brave and effective as the most Gung-ho Calabim. Their more experienced sisters shake their heads in disbelief, while Baal smiles. Wiser Lilim are always in demand as support personnel. A popular reward for serving Baal is one of his Soldiers trained as a bodyguard, while the most dangerous missions (such as Geasing an angelic Seneschal) can carry the reward of the State of Ophis attunement.


This quietest and coldest of booths is manned by Impudites, each of whom has the discord Fear (failure), at a minimum level of three. Lilim who have lost a vessel without being sent to Limbo (due to being secretly bound, having a false Heart, or being victims of the song of Possession and so on) frequently consider working in the Marches for a while preferable to Geasing themselves for a new vessel. This is particularly true of those who lost a vessel while in temporary service to another Prince when said Prince is being a little slow in replacing it. Although not considered pleasant work, Lilim who do not mind spreading fear often find themselves serving Beleth for a while, as she is the best employer possible for those who wish to acquire Ethereal servants, manufacture talismans or learn more of the humans they deal with. Service in the marches often includes accepting and invoking Geasa in return for ending the mortal's nightmare; this is usually done in conjunction with the Dream Drain attunement. The ease with which disturbance can be detected in the Marches means that the corporeal song of dreams is normally picked up by the Lilim whether it is included in the contract or not. The demon of Nightmares of being trapped in a Relationship occasionally drops in to help recruit Lilim, and offers her attunement to those Lilim who make the appropriate contract. The attunement is a variation of the Nightmare Trigger attunement: the attunement can only be activated while the target is having a nightmare of being trapped in a relationship (with a specific person), and the trigger is having that person assure them that they will always love them. For a cost of an additional 2 essence, the attunement will trigger if anyone tries to assure the target of their loyalty.


Lit by braziers, the booth for Fire tempts Lilim with the joys of arson - particularly of prisons. Belial loathes the human habit of imprisoning arsonists and considers restoring them to freedom (preferably by destroying the prison, but jailbreaks and overturned convictions are fine) well worth the cost of employing Free Lilim. Serving Fire is often recommended as a comparatively safe way for a Lilim to acquire the skills valued by The War, particularly as the Lilim is unlikely to be facing angels... at least not in combat. Irreparably destroying a jail is worth Belial's Band attunement, while many more pyromaniacally inspired Lilim have earned his Firewalker attunement. Lesser actions can be worth Rites or one of the Songs of Fire.


Second only to his patron Saminga in unpopularity, Fleurity has been working hard to overcome his image problem. His booth is devoted almost exclusively to the Drug Legalisation battles. Almost exclusively. Scattered unobtrusively around the booth (which resembles a gentlemen's club from the 1870s), are newspapers with articles on the use of steroids in sport, stories of how beneficial medicines have been banned, beneficial side effects of illicit drugs and so on. His servitors are quite happy to give detailed explanations on how Lilim might find drugs useful... particularly on using (the non-addictive) LSD on the "ungrateful wretches" who have given the Lilim dissonance. After all, if you're going to all the trouble of doing the wretch another favour, you need to be sure that his mind won't be coherent enough to give you even more dissonance. Should a target still prove resistant, the demons of Drugs tend to suggest more drastic measures, such as Heroin. The Demons of Drug are only too happy to sell supplies of drugs, for either cash or essence. The Lilim demon of Drug Legalisation will occasionally drop in. The bargainers here are very careful to refer to her by her title of Baroness. She normally only makes grants her rites and attunements to those of her sisters who bind themselves to the Word of drugs.


Hell Gem, Furfur's exclusive disco, is soundproof - much to Furfur's disgust. The punk calabim who work here are hulks who were poached from Andrealpus, and the Lilim who run the place have a great deal of pleasure in bossing them around - until they almost snap, and the Lilim have to use their charm to calm them down. It's all a show of course, choreographed by Nybbas to entrance the sort of Lilim who is fascinated by a dangerous, handsome hulk that they can - almost - control. The Bargainers here all have Furfur's Knight Distinction, allowing them to negotiate freely under the blanket of sound. The most valued assignments Furfur offers are those in which the Lilim is tasked with minding one of the many sites where a Tether of Hardcore is forming. Furfur prefers Lilim to mind these sites, as they are ideal at getting rid of celestials who casually cause Disturbance. When the tether finally forms, Furfur gives the Lilim the option of entering his service as a Knight of Hardcore - whether she accepts or not the Lilim is given his Overdrive attunement. (A Lilim who is tempted to accept should consider negotiating for the Word of Seneschal.)


Haagenti's restaurant, called Temptation, is the perfect place to discuss business in the GuildHall, and many deals are made here which have nothing to do with the word of Gluttony. Meals here are more expensive than normal, at 4 essence each, but well worth it: the Imps who serve here all have the Lilim of Gluttony band attunement, allowing Lilim considering serving Haagenti to taste the rewards they can earn. Should a Lilim be so foolish as to devour a meal without having the essence to pay, she will find herself owing a Geas/2 to the Lilim Master Chef. Haagenti's bargainers are always available to do lunch, and are always happy to explain the advantages of being able to use the Consume attunement to enhance a detected Need.


Kobal's bargainers have found that the best way to attract the attention of employable Lilim is to make life miserable for the Servitors of Asmodeus - particularly when a Lilim realises how much the Gamesters must put up with if they think a Free Lilim may end up binding herself to Kobal. The bargainers here have a detailed knowledge of most of the offers being made by their rivals and will offer Kobal's rites if the Lilim will perform... other tasks... while in another Prince's service. These tasks will generally only wreak havoc on an otherwise uninvolved third party. Generally. Of course, the Lilim's temporary Prince is not likely to be pleased if the Lilim has gained him a new enemy, and the demons of Dark Humour have been known to make deals that subtly make a mockery of the original deal, or which make the Lilim's task totally impossible. Caveat Emptor.



Kronos' booth is a museum dedicated to those humans who have achieved greatness by being drawn to their fates. The Museum emphasises the advantages of gaining a Geas by giving a starving human a hamburger and not calling the Geas in until they have begun achieving their fate - of being a crime lord, revolutionary leader, railroad baron or equivalent. In addition to the standard rewards offered the demons of Fate offer a simple bargain whereby in return for them pointing out a human who has the potential for a great fate the Lilim draws them closer to it - thus ensuring a handsome return on any geasa she has acquired. The most famous users of this tactic have displays in the museum of their own. One of the more disturbing Bargainers here is a cheery Balseraph of Fate with the Bright Lilim attunement (the current one is called Chorias). Chorias, like those before him, regards this as a plum assignment, as until now he has been stuck in a small room using his Bright Lilim resonance on photos, cassette recordings and so on to determine the Needs of angels. He believes that the only reason Kronos allows him this cushier posting is that the Balseraphs of Fate are so much more common than Yves' Masters of Divine Destiny, so that while every angel who has acquired the Bright Lilim resonance will be worked to the bone in a closeted environment Kronos can afford to reward his favoured Servitors with the occasional holiday. (From his time monitoring angels via electronic media Chorias does know of one Master of Divine Destiny with the Bright Lilim attunement - an Elohite called Ensuriel. Ensuriel does actually sit in an office all day the way Chorias was forced to. This is because as an Elohim Ensuriel doesn't care where he is, so long as it is the pragmatically best thing to do. Chorias, of course, assumes that Ensuriel doesn't have any choice in the matter). He will quite happily use his angelic resonance for other Lilim and possesses a unique celestial artifact that allows him to give another Lilim the ability to fulfil Geasa he has detected. (He will charge essence or Geasa for this, of course). For most recordings it will be necessary to return to the Corporeal Plane to use the resonance - see the Basement. If the campaign last more than a few (game) years the PCs will hear that Chorias has been returned to his normal job and replaced by an equally enthusiastically simple "Bright". (The replacement, like Chorias and those before him, has used to his Balseraph resonance on himself to believe that he has a "dumb blonde" personality because of his Bright Lilim resonance). Any Lilim should come away from a meeting with Chorias or his replacement feeling distinctly relieved that they don't have a Bright's resonance - making them even more dubious about redemption.

Attached to the museum is a small but influential booth devoted to the word of Sorcery. Strong-willed Lilim pay to have their names entered into spell books, so that foolish sorcerers will summon them and engage in Will-Wars. Others negotiate for the Infernal Pact attunement or for demonlings or ethereals trained in sorcerous abilities that they can offer to sorcerers.


Malphas' booth is maintained by Free Lilim working off Geasa. They are instructed to teach their younger sisters the finer art of playing one employer of against another. They have no objection to using The Lilim of Factions band attunement to get the attention of another Lilim they are trying to recruit, but will normally merely demonstrate it on an unwitting human to show its effectiveness. Free Lilim frequently gain Malphas' rites quite cheaply, as they tend to use them at the expense of other demons. As Lilim are frequently called on to encourage groups of demons to cooperate, Malphas frequently offer deals in which the mediating Lilim ensures that violence will erupt the moment she stops calming the waters.


Although the facade facing the central room is a tasteless "get rich quick" stall, the rest of the booth is an exercise in the tasteful expense of wealth. The bargainers here have a habit of discovering what is on offer at other booths and then buying up an equivalent reward and offering it to interested Lilim for a comparatively easy mission. Although Mammon will hire any Free Lilim his servitors take a special interest in any Lilim who shows especial skill at golddigging: they are recruited to corrupt and/or bankrupt the rich philanthropists who are Mammon's special hate. Most senior Lilim have at least one of Mammon's attunements, many have both; Art of the Deal will frequently be seen in use in the Guild hall while Only the Best is used while browsing the shops of Shal-Mari. Mammon will sell his attunements to a Lilim who has acquired valuables which are not normally for sale (unlisted companies, the crown jewels, religious organisations and so on).


This booth resembles a TV store, which each TV showing a different Lilim star, whether performing, at the Logies or advertising (subtitles display how much the Lilim's role was paid for the performance). Nybbas' band attunement is fairly easy to earn, as the Lilim will be furthering Nybbas' Word while maintaining it, and servants will be replaced when necessary; however earning something more serious, such as the Soundtrack attunement requires a substantial service to the Word of Media; most Lilim with a servitor attunement paid for it with a Geas/6.


Saminga spends a fortune on this booth in the belief that once the Lilim understand his Word they will flock to him in droves. The massive crypt emphasises the power, majesty and inevitability of Death. It is normally empty (barring a single caretaker) as the bargainers have learned to hire one of the upstairs rooms for their deal making. Successful bargainers are well rewarded by Saminga and remain at the Guild Hall as long as they get results, so Lilim may be pleasantly surprised by the courteous and insightful discussions to be had - with titled servitors of Death. Nervous Lilim are reassured and engaged in conversation on topics where Freedom and Death have similar goals - abortion, euthanasia, gun control and so on. Lilim can gain the Lilim of Death band attunement fairly easily (for example, fostering the belief that "vampires are cool" - basically you get a percentage of the humans you recruit) however getting replacements for lost servants generally requires an ongoing service to Death. Lilim prepared to perform more substantial tasks for death can earn the Vampiric Kiss attunement - much appreciated for its usefulness on mortals who owe an insignificant Geas. In frequent years the tasks involved have generally been to take on the role of girlfriend to a politically inspired fanatic and encourage him on the path of political terrorism, restarting the violence in places like Northern Ireland or the Balkans. This Role generally needs to be maintained for several months, put particularly skilled Lilim have earned the attunement in a matter of days. The fact that this contract is almost identical to one used in the past by Malphas is carefully ignored by Saminga's bargainers - particularly by the bargainer who plagiarised it and presented it to Saminga as his own idea. Any contract with Saminga includes a "renewal clause" offering rich rewards for Lilim who continue to stir up strife after they have fulfilled the terms of their contract. Saminga cannot understand why so few Lilim take advantage of these renewal clauses, when he offers so many rich rewards, including all of his attunements, necromancy talismans and more! His bargainers, of course, assure him that this is due to a subtle propaganda campaign by rival Princes. The shrewdest of his bargainers have explained that this propaganda "blows out of proportion" the dangers of living in the middle of a war zone, and newer contracts include generous rewards for Lilim who can cause a conflict to spread after even they have left it.


"Why buy what you can borrow?"

Another popular employer, particularly as his contracts with young Lilim include training in the art of theft and all of his contracts include detailed information on either the known locations and defences of valuable items - such as relics - held by Valefor's enemies, or (for younger Lilim) similar information on wealthy humans who Valefor can't be bothered looting himself. A Lilim who has fulfilled several missions for Valefor will get more respect from the warlike booths, particularly those of Baal and Belial, as they have learned to respect the skills the Lilim will have acquired, despite their dislike of Valefor himself. Missions for Lilim generally involve turning humans towards a life of crime, or committing an inspired theft that will inspire humans to dream of how rewarding a career of thieving would be.


Although cluttered with all sorts of rubbish, pardon me, exotic technology, the pride of this booth is a coronet made of circuitry which is attached to a powerful computer. The demons manning this booth cheerfully persuade Lilim to accept a mind scan to determine what sort of technology will interact most effectively with their Aural presence. The coronet itself is actually quite safe, as it doesn't actually do anything. The test results are partly gained by other, more mysterious widgets scattered around the booth, partly based on survey results and field reports, even on information gained elsewhere about this specific Lilim. The most important factor, however, is what gadgetry the booth is trying to unload at the moment. The computer will create a impressive looking print out which will: warn the Lilim away from a number of esoteric devices (none of which are in production any more); recommend several which fit the Lilim's; personality but are way out of her budget; probably warn her away from using any captured angelic devices "due to a higher than normal susceptibility to the light of Heaven"; and of course, praise the virtues of this months unsaleable item. Although most contracts with Technology are paid for with artifacts his attunements are available. No matter what the Lilim is being asked to do bargainers will offer items in payment first. Lilim serving technology frequently find themselves spreading the influence of the internet, or engaged in tele-sales, so Lilim rarely renew contracts with Vapula.

The Central Booths

In the centre of hall are smaller booths (rarely larger than a stall) maintained by lesser Word Bound Demons. A Demon is unlikely to have a stall unless he can offer a servitor attunement - weaker demons funnel offers of their rites etc through their Prince's booth. Of course, so do many stronger demons. Word bound demons are generally too busy to maintain their stalls themselves; they may have servants maintaining it, or, if their Prince feels that serving the lesser Word will make Free Lilim more sympathetic to the Prince's Word, the Prince may supply staff. Booths come and go with the rise and fall of Words. Some common ones include:

Catburglary A favoured Servitor of Vapula for the Lilim, this stall has plenty of room for the Lilim who surround it due to the bargainers habit of stealing things from any booth that encroaches their space. Rites: perform a successful Catburglary; persuade a human to take a career as a catburglar and teach them any necessary skills (+3 essence). The attunement allow its possessor to add any reaction bonuses they have (such as charisma) to any rolls made while engaged in Catburglary.

The Word of Necrophilia is held by the Demon Heathcliffe, one of the few shedim to visit the GuildHall. He has risen to prominence by portraying vampires as sexy. He is interested in the seduction of anything dead, and any Lilim who seduces a Saint may buy his attunement. The attunement allows its possessor to grant +2 charisma to any dead human, including undead, Saints and lost souls (but only human at a time) He also offers his attunement to undead (at creation) if they are willing pay for it by taking the Lust Discord or a Need for Sex.

The Balseraph Demon of Vapourware has a stall near Vapula's booth. His common rites: persuade a human to put off dealing with a problem because science will fix the problem Real Soon Now; encourage a human to avoid actually working on something and instead half develop another idea. His attunement allows its possessor to add their ethereal forces to their intelligence to understand technology planned for the future and to add their celestial forces to any roll to persuade someone of the benefits that will be brought by the new technology.

The booth for Pre-Paid Assassinations is maintained by demons paying the Word bound demon... His attunement functions on essence the possessor has been paid for the assassination; any of it which the demon spends during the assassination attempt is replaced once the assassination is successful (to a maximum of the demon's forces).

The Impudite demon of Lovers Requests persuaded to Andrealphus to fund this booth. On the occasions she comes to the GuildHall she is more likely to be found in "The Stable". Her rite is to persuade a human you have slept with to do something they would not do for a non-lover; her attunement only affects those who have slept with the demon who possess it, but reduces the lovers will by the demons charisma when resisting anything done by the demon. This booth also advertises other Words related to Lust, as it is slowly being absorbed back into the Stable.

The Habbalite Demon of Insurrections has a stall near the booths of The War and Fire; her rite is cause a major uprising (+1 essence for 5-100 people, +2 for 100-1000, +3 for more than 1000; if an uprising last for more than one day the demon gains the essence again each day), her attunement allows the demon to affect multiple people with the emotional effects of songs, attunements and resonances - multiply the number of people affected by the demons ethereal forces.

The demon of Jailbreaks is one of the few demons serving Valefor to be on good terms with Belial. His rite gives +3 essence for every successful jailbreak and his attunement allows its possessor to add their ethereal forces to any roll made while conducting a jailbreak.

The demon of Illegal Safety Standards encourages people to ignore any law, not just those concerning those concerning Safety. His rites include: when a human has been taken to court for doing something obviously self-destructive (and is guilty), have the charges dropped (+1 essence) the human acquitted (+2) or have a precedent made which neutralises the law (+3). His attunement allows him to reduce the perception of any human he can see by his corporeal forces when they are searching for anything they suspect to be dangerously sub-standard. Careful investigation will allow a Lilim to learn that he is actually one of Asmodeus' demons!

The demon of Rebellious Teenagers is an Impudite of Malphas who has proven quite popular with Lilim, particularly when teenagers need help dealing with the Law... His rite is persuade a teenager to break the rules of their parents (+1 essence), their school or organisation (+2) or the law (+3). His attunement is similar to that of Uzal (Final Trumpet, p.78) but only affects teenagers; it does however last twice as long.

The Demon of Rationing Cheats is a Balseraph of Haagenti who remembers WW2 with nostalgia. His rites are: to acquire illegally a rationed substance; to forge a ration card; to sell on the black market a rationed substance. His attunement is a variation on Score - it allows the demon to detect black marketeers instead of drug suppliers. Unfortunately earning the attunement normally requires persuading a government to ration something or to create an artificial shortage that requires rationing.

The Demon of Religious Dissenters is a Habbalah of Malphas who normally needs Lilim to perform such liberating tasks as persuading a Bishop to publicly announce that he doesn't believe in God or to cause a splinter group to leave a church over a doctrinal matter. His rites are only available to Habbalah, but he does offer his attunement to Lilim - the possessor of the attunement can make a perception check to detect anything that the target human firmly believes that would be scoffed by those he associates with. Several Lilim have earned his attunement by publicly marrying Roman Catholic priests.

The Demon of Pranks on Bosses is a Calabite of Kobal whose rites can often be fulfilled simultaneously with Lilith's. His rites are: persuade a human to arrange an "accident" that causes his boss embarrassment(+1 essence), physical injury (+2 essence) or forces him to retire invalid/dead (+3 essence); Persuade anyone retiring or being sacked to play a prank that will cause monetary loss to his employer; Get a boss fired by persuading him to play a prank on his boss (+3 essence). His attunement is a variation on Rant of Scorn; if activated while using one of his rites employees who see the resulting prank must make a will roll to avoid laughing at their boss.

The Basement

All of the (known) Tethers of Freedom have their bottom Loci here, as do several joint tethers. Tethers held jointly with another Prince can be accessed from the appropriate booth. For example, the Museum connects to the Locus for a Tether held jointly by Kronos and Lilith (any rebel's last stand will make a good choice, the short lifespan of most of Lilith's tethers means that the site of the tether tends to change frequently). If a Tether is forked, it may be used to maintain the booth. Tethers that Lilith has sold to other Princes sometimes remain here for a while even after their sale; again they will connect to the appropriate booth.

Access from one locus to another is more complicated. Several millennia ago a number of Malakim launched an attack through one Tether of Freedom, went on the rampage through the basement and then disappeared through the locus of a (until then) secret Tether. The defences are still operational, but few Lilim can remember what they are - don't stray from the paths. Defences have also been set up to deal with celestials who attempt to use a Tether without paying - the most common defence is an enchantment which deal ethereal damage to any celestial taking or leaving celestial form within the Tether without the permission of the Seneschal. Damage is normally one die per force invested in the Tether. If the celestial is reduced to zero mind hits, the Discord they acquire is always a Geas/1 to the Seneschal (or to Lilith, if there is no Seneschal). As they will have been captured when knocked unconscious, they will end up paying a lot more before they leave the Tether.


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