The Lords of Illusion

by Hatcher Rhanyr

Shrouded in mystery amongst the Qabalah and other mystical practicioners is a group of sorcerers that call themselves the Lords of Illusion. The group has existed for centuries though there is little evidence that the current Lords have lived that long. In recent years the Lords have become reclusive to the extent of hermitism; they teach no one and ask to be left alone. Somehow a good deal of this current point revolves around one of the Lords calling himself Nixx.

Nixx began a cult in the mid-eighties and these cultists followed him like a messiah. One of the cultists was a man calling himself Swann. The Lords managed to convince Swann that what Nixx had begun was wrong and that the atrocities being performed must stop. So armed with devices of his and the other Lords construction, Swann went into the Cult's Nevada stronghold and "killed" Nixx. Most of the Lords, Swann included, question whether or not Nixx could be killed. Most fear that Nixx was and still is undead and that these devices only caused him to be put in a state of hybernation.

Currently Swann is the only member of the Lords who has taken up the role of a stage magician. Most people think that Swann is an excellent magician but doubt the reality of his illusions. However if they knew the truth of it all, most people would cower in fear before him.


Game Mechanics

The Lords of Illusions are a very reclusive group, and anyone encountering one should realize that there is a purpose for it. All the Lords should be considered to have at least 7 Forces. Those that are alive today are quite old so their Corporeal Forces would be less than normal but otherwise they are as powerful today as they were in their prime. Swann is the youngest member of the Lords.

Each of the Lords possess a song like ability to create perfect illusions. This ability functions similarly to the Ethereal Song of Light. However an observer may make a Perception roll, minus this ability level to distinguish between reality and illusion. However there are also other modifiers that can come in play that are totally at the discretion of the Gamemaster.

To invoke this ability the Lord must make a successful roll with Will + Ability Level as the target. Note also that this ability can not be raised higher than six, much like a skill or a song.


Lord of Illusion

Corporeal Forces - 2 (Strength 4, Agility 4)
Ethereal Forces - 3 (Intelligence 6, Precision 6)
Celestial Forces - 3 (Will 7, Perception 5)

Vessel: Human/3, Role: Stage Musician (Status/5)

Skills: Dodge/3, Emote/2, Escape/5, Knowledge (Mystical)/4, Lock Picking/5

Songs: Healing (Corporeal/3), Dreams (Corporeal/2), Motion (Corporeal/4), Illusion/5

Discord: Fear/3 (Nixx and his Cult)

Swann feels that the other Lords took advantage of him when they asked him to kill Nixx. He still has nightmares about his confrontation with the cult leader and fears the day that he has to confront him again. Swann is currently married to a woman he saved from being sacrificed by the cult. At the time she was only a child, but both have grown to love each other.


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