Crossover Games

By Patrick O'Duffy (


IN/Castle Falkenstein

Perhaps Uriel never fought his Crusade in New Europa. Celestials are secretive fighters behind scenes, while Dragons, Fae and Dashing Hussars steal the limelight. Christianity is the biggest religion in New Europa, and Sorcerors would make great Soldiers. Jean is the Archangel of Steam, Vapula the DP of Infernal Devices. Is Vapula the Mastermind behind the World Crime League?

IN/Feng Shui

Uriel fought the crusade... but the Chinese Gods knew Kung Fu, and they _kicked_his_ass_. Now the celestials hide in the Marches (or the Netherworld), polishing up their weapons and hoping for a chance to wrestle power back from the Celestial Emperor. Two-gun Cherub Killers, Chinese demons to back up the regular bad guys, Arcanotech-wielding Vapulans, Kung-Fu Malakim of Eli... "Hmm, your flaming sword's impressive... but no match for my 19 Dragon Fist!"

IN/Over the Edge

The conspiracies of Al Amarja would make a great cover for the activities of the War. Hmm... secrets and conspiracies... maybe Monique D'Aubainne is Malphas in disguise. Maybe parts of the Island overflow into the Marches (could explain some of the Mystic Sh-t). Can even celestials stop the power of the Throckmorton Device? What _would_ happen if a Shedim-host got a Kergillian implant? Will Aaron Parker's ascent to Rock'n'Roll Godhood topple Heaven?

-- Patrick O'Duffy, Brisbane, Australia

I know we're dying, and there's no sign of a parachute We scream in cathedrals Why can't it be beautiful? Why does there gotta be a sacrifice?

TORI AMOS, "iieee"


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