Dream Cats

By Martin Leslie Leuschen (martinl@rice.edu)



Large walleyed siamese tom. Not friendly with adults, it will in fact be hostile to any adult who isn't a mother, and will be nicer to mothers directly with the youth of their children, getting outright friendly to a woman with a baby. It will tend to bond to a particular family, preferably one with a large number of young children, staying with them until the children reach their teens.

Children will be tolerated in a seemingly indifferent manner. The cat will not seem affectionate, but it won't be cruel either. It will tolerate naive insults to it's person (ex. a baby pulling its tail) and will deal swift retribution for deliberate insults. (A toddler pulling it's tail.) It will mainly seem to hang about and watch.

However, the cat *will* hang out around its children, and children in it's care will be safe. In hostile situations, Babysitter can become a flying, twisting, lightning-fast ball if raking claws capable of scaring off large predators or hostile adults. The children will find many of their fondest suicidal plans thwarted. ("Mom, the cat ripped up my parachute!") If a meteor is due to strike the town the Babysitter's children redside in, it will do it's level best to get them out of town before it strikes, somehow.

The children, in turn, will become cat-like in personality. Normal childlike gregariousness and dependance will be seriously reduced, sleeping habits will become irregular, and the torturing of small animals will become a favourite pastime.


A slim black female with a tiny white star on her breast, Mouser will catch vermin and other small animals. (As far as mouser is concerned, anything squirrel sized or smaller counts, although things smaller than a mouse will only be hunted as a last resort.) She will catch an extremely large number of vermin. She will bring them all to her chosen human, amassing quite impressive piles if the bodies are left undisturbed.

Mouser will catch vermin appropriate for the area she inhabits, but the local vermin population will never seem to decrease. If taken to a place where there are no vermin (space ship, arctic icecap) vermin capable of surviving in that area will appear, and Mouser will begin to catch them, as usual.

I hope these fit,

Martin Leuschen martinl@rice.edu


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