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Hm. Here's an idea for a Grigori group:

Our Lady of Perpetual Responsibility Academy for the Gifted

This is a tiny college, located in a remote and isolated part of Minnesota, run by what appears to be the monks of a small monastary that hosts the college. They offer a B.A. at astonishingly cheap prices (often for free, paid for by scholarships from obscure foundations), but by invitation only. All the paperwork is in order, of course, and the monks claim to be Franciscans of some sort. But although the institution's paper trail is impeccable, a close look at the paper trail of individual monks would indicate ... anomalies.

The monks are, of course, Grigori. The college is part of their efforts at penance. Not only do they just plain educate a few of the poor and deserving, they also locate (through other Grigori out in the field) potenital Soldiers, whom they give special lessons to -- lessons in willpower and virtue that the proto-Soldiers certainly don't regard as classes and never realize are being given by celestials. In fact, the proto-Soldiers leave college without ever knowing they were involved with anything celestial, steered subtly into the paths of angels that will probably recruit them.

If enough Superiors compared notes on the backgrounds of their Soldiers, they might notice a superfluity of alumni from Our Lady of Perpetual Responsibility, but they are unlikely to do that. And the monks have NEVER, since the founding of their institution more than a century ago, done ANYTHING "noisy" in terms of Essence expenditure -- or in any other terms, for that matter. Of course, that means they have a lot of Essence saved up against a rainy day, though they will be very reluctant to use any.

This is just one group of Grigori, of course. There are others, I'm sure. I particularly like the idea of Grigori hiding out in the Far Marches.

Meanwhile, there's also...

The Priory of Sion

This is a well-known secret organization dedicated to getting the Merovingian kings back on the throne of France, right?

Well, would you believe it's protecting the Merovingian line because they are the blood descendants of Jesus Christ and his wife, Mary Magdalene?

No? Well, if you penetrate that story and a couple of other layers of misdirection, you come to the innermost circle of the Priory, which consists of Grigori leading human lives of astonishing ordinariness while keeping tabs on *their* descendants, the Children of the Grigori, and steering said children away from Heaven, Hell, sorcerors, and general misfortune. The canon said the Children had an uncanny knack of avoiding celestials; well, that "knack" is thanks to the covert superintendence of ever-so-great-grandfather "Gregory."

Just two ideas.



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