by Hatcher Rhanyr

Early Native American stories tell of heroes who were possessed by the "spirits" of animals. Gaelic legends talk about men who can assume the form of animals. All of these legends are referring to the same creature; Lycanthropes. This unusual "race" was formed when Servitors of Jordi had offspring with humans. These new souls, not human, celestial or animal, but all of these combined became what we call lycanthopes.

In early legends lycanthropes are often called Werewolves because that is what most humans encountered, however lycanthropes can have aspects of any animal in existance. In fact it is believed that Mermaids are actually lycanthropes in a hybrid fish form.

In Game Terms Lycanthropes are creatures with between 6 and 9 forces. All lycanthropes have the potential to change into animal form even though few actually can. Lycanthropes can take three forms: human, animal and hybrid. Transformation to these forms takes it's toll on the Lycanthrope in several different ways.


Human Form

In this form the lycanthrope appears to be a normal human. However the senses of the character are often augmented. (i.e. sharper vision, smell, hearing, etc). While in human form lycanthropes generate no disruption in the symphony, however they are also weakest while in this form. Lycanthropes while in this form will not regain essence. However it costs no essence for a lycanthrope to assume human form.


Animal Form

In this form the lycathrope appears to be a larger version of the specific animal it is attuned to. It has all the abilities and disadvantages of being that animal though as well. While in this form the animal regains essence at dawn. Lycanthropes can only change into this form by expending 2 points of essence.


Hybrid Form

In this form the lycanthrope appears to be a cross-breed of some type, neither human nor animal. It is extremely difficult for a lycanthrope to assume this type of form because it is extremely strenuous on the Will. While in this form a lycanthrope will not regain essence as well. Transforming into hybrid form costs 3 points of essence plus a modifier of -2 is applied to the difficulty.



This is the ability of the lycanthrope to transform themselves into another form. Not all lycanthropes possess this ability and therefore can not change their shape. Usually this is an ability that manifests itself when the lycanthrope is going through puberty. However this ability can manifest at any time in the lycanthropes lifespan, or not at all.

In order to tranform, the lycanthrope must roll against this ability. The difficulty is always equal to the level of this Ability + Will . This difficulty is then modified by the degree of change from vessel to vessel. Therefore if a lycanthrope is attuned to the form of a wolf (Level 2 vessel) then transforming from a human to a wolf would have a modified difficulty of -1 (3-2 = 1).

If successful, the lycanthrope transforms, but this is an extremely strenuous process. The process of transformation takes 7 minus check digit rounds. Should the lycanthrope fail on this roll, he/she can not attempt to transform again for check digit hours. As well when a lycanthrope transforms, it acts as the Song of Healing (Corporeal)/1. This heals a lycanthrope of damage that he/she might have taken while in another form. Note that it can not perform this song of it's own will but is automatically performed when it transforms. It will involuntarily expend as much essence as necessary to completely heal the lycanthrope. If the lycanthrope has no corporeal damage then it will not perform this song.



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