The Cthulhu Mythos in In Nomine

By Dorothy Bixler (


And now for tonights conspiracy-

Something I've been throwing around in the back of my head for a while, where is the Crawling Chaos? Nyarlathotep _has_ to be somewhere. I can't game without him. And then I started thinking, you know Beleth seems just a little, well, not right (see where this is going :) ).

Consider the following:

In the mythos: Nyar is the protector of the Dreamlands and has dominion over the Pagan (Earth) Gods.

In In Nomine: Beleth protects the Ethereal and is giving shelter to the Pagan Gods.

And if you think about it, their personalities match pretty well (bitter as hell).

So my conspiracy theory is, sometime after Beleth gained control of her side of the Marches, Nyarlathotep killed her off and assumed her form as one of his 1000 (he went for her because she was the weaker between her and Blandaine). Now that he is in control, he's waiting until Heaven and Hell are too busy fighting each other so he can unleash his power upon the world. What he'll do with this power is anyones guess. Will he take over as Earth's one God, release the Pagan Gods, or just kill us all?

Ia! Ia!

*Dorothy Michelle Bixler **


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