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The Norweigan Blue Variant
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(or, I Bet Mickey Didn't Have This Problem With The Hat...)
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God isn't dead. He's resting. No, really.

When God incarnated Himself in the vessel of Jesus of Nazareth, He neglected to remember that even he had to play by the rules, and, sure enough, the crucifixion of said messiah sent the Almighty right back to Heaven and into a heavy Trauma that He has yet to recover from (<inhale> phew, that was a mouthful). After a brief and unsuccessful attempt of the major Archangels to keep this from the general Divinities, it was decided that one of them should, temporarily, take the helm until God awakens. Eli was eventually chosen mostly due to his lack of ambition.

Taking control was a little rocky at first. Some well-meant mistakes include the Spanish Inquisition and the brutally enforced converting of the Americas, and the number of angels was increased to compensate. Likewise, Hell sent more demons just to even the score. By present day, Eli has more or less gotten the hang of things now. Very few angels remain that know of the switch, except the very old and Eli's most favored, and the Infernal don't seem to suspect anything yet and they MUST NOT (or MUST, depending on your alignment ;).

The (Arch)angels have been affected this way: (note: after writing this far, I find out that I have lost my In Nomine book, so this list will be restricted to those Archangels that I can remember. Feel free to bridge the gaps)

Blandine: shortly after the election, (s)he petitioned to Eli that (s)he be allowed to meet with Beleth, her former lover, at the thin neutral border between their realms and was given permission. What happened at the meeting is unknown to anyone but the sole attendees, but upon their return, they both acted less like two warring tribes and just went about their own business. Some (most of them Angels of Flowers) see this as proof that the Fallen can be redeemed; some (most of them Angels of Justice) see this as proof that Blandine is a traitor and should not be trusted.

Dominic: losing the election to play God humbled him considerably. He still keeps his eye on every nook and cranny of Heaven, Earth and, where possible, the Marches, but the "guilty until proved more guilty" manner disappeared, except in the case of Infernals and "the Tripped".

Eli: apart from becoming God's temporary replacement and being less available to his followers, none, really. S'all good. :)

Flowers (her name escapes me): surprisingly, she disapproves of Eli's appointment. She believes that all of this will end in blood and thinks that it would be better if the Archangels learned to fend for themselves as opposed to appointing a false God and continuing with the status quo. However, she does not take her beliefs any farther than voicing them.

Yves: what could change? He still knew this was going to happen, still knows exactly whats going on, and still (infuriatingly) keeps silent about it all.

The Princes don't know of the switch yet and don't smell anything particularly suspicious. Their mannerisms haven't changed any (except Beleth's; see above).

I think I covered just about everything here (without my book, that is). Tear it apart (just remember that I'm not subscribed)!

-- "Go crazy or go home, folks, 'cause this is the end." - Fred Garbo


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