Remnants (Campaign House Rules)

By Paul F. Strack (


Donald G Bixler wrote:

Oooh... Do tell. If not on the list, please email me with a summary of your campaign. I've been toying with some Remnant concepts for a while and would love to hear about your game.

Well, the campaign started with the PCs believing that they were human. None of them have any memories going back more than twenty years. They all felt a subconscious urge to visit NYC, and when they arrived, they made their way to a particular museum. Inside the museum they found a glass case with four mysterious gems, glowing with a light that only they could see. At this point they noticed each other and found each other strangely familiar.

Before they could do much, the entire museum was taken hostage by a group of terrorists. While the terrorists set up a perimeter, two of them wandered around taking people's names. After a while, it became clear that these two were looking for someone, probably the PCs, and that they were inhuman (one had a forked tongue).

Just as the two terrorists/demons learned who the PCs were, a group of Malakim burst through the ceiling. Chaos ensues, the demons flee, and the PCs (and the gems) are taken across the street to a Catholic Cathedral. There they meet angels, talk to the Archangel Laurence and discover that their gems are in fact their Celestial hearts.

Several questions arise:

* How did the hearts leave Heaven or Hell?

* Who are the PCs, angels, demons or something else?

* How did they come to be where they are? It is initially thought that they are Remnants, but Remnants don't have hearts.

Laurence sends them to New Hampshire for some angelic psychoanalysis, and threatens that the reason for their "fall" will have serious repercussions on how they are treated by Heaven. In NH, the PCs have several strange dreams in which events of their recent lives (in the last twenty years) are mixed with events in the distant past. While dreaming, they are attacked by a Shedim. The PCs subconsciously assume Celestial form, drive off their attacker, and are revealed as angels.

The PCs are told by their psychologist that it seems very unlikely that they are Remnants, and that most likely they are angels who have (somehow) had their memories erased. This is a feat that would take incredible amounts of power. It also seems that they are slowly regaining their memories. Their psychologist recommends that the PCs wander around, following their whims and dreams, in the hopes of recovering their lost pasts.

At the moment, that is exactly what they are doing, wandering from place to place, getting into random trouble. The PCs do not entirely trust Heaven, and aren't sure what to make of Hell, either. It is clear that both Heaven and Hell are interested in the eventual result of their quest. It is slowly becoming obvious that in the process of going from place to place, they are following someone or something, a powerful being that cannot be found through a straight forward search.

To be honest, I haven't really decided exactly what is going on, but it seems likely that it involves the second coming, the old gods and all sorts of scheming on both sides of the Celestial War.



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