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gibsonc@NKU.EDU writes:

Just curious, but what are the tehers in Seattle? Are they actual place or did you make them up?

The tethers I have made up for the Seattle area are all actual buildings/locations. For obscure reasons, most of them are on or near the University of Washington campus.

Side o' Light:

Destiny (and Archives): Suzallo Library, the oldest library building in Seattle. The tethers are actually very close, but split. Yves' tether is in the old Graduate Reading Room, while Beth's is in the Library School Student's Lounge. The Cherub of Destiny who is the seneschal is unusually easy going. The Elohite of Archives has a twisted sense of humor, and (if she falls) is most likely to become a Habalite of Kobal.

Lightning: The Academic Computing Center (ACC for short), the building shown in War Games. The seneschalle is a Mercurian who has a role as a Comp.Sci. Doctoral candidate.

Flowers: Novalis' tether is in the Arboretum, specifically the Tea Room of the Japanese Garden. Her Seneschal is an Offanite who has a role as a Seattle Parks Gardener.

The Sword: Laurence's tether is at the Fort Lewis Chapel, just south of Tacoma. His Seneschal is a Malakite (naturally)

Judgement: The Dominican priory in the U District. The Seneschal is also the Prior.

These are all the characters have visited.

Side of Darkness:

The Game: The Wizards of the Coast Gaming Center's upstairs offices. (Because we game there, and it was funny...)

Lust: Deja Vu downtown (which has recently been closed down, for different reasons in game and out)

Fire: The Mary Pang Foods warehouse's remains. Four firefighters died, and the state can't try anyone for murder.

This is all I have for now.... Any comments?

Mark(Seattle GM)


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