Fallen malakim write up

By Simon Hailes (hailes@senet.com.au)


Now i know the Fallen Malakim is coming out and will most probably have the most definite canon rules we will ever see on this subject but I have my own take, Non-Canonical version of how Malakim Fall and what they become afterwards. Do not read ahead those who value the purity of this choir and would like to think them invincible...

Warlocks- Now the title of Warlock for a Fallen Malakim at first seems strange, more like something to call a human sorceror, unless one considers the actual meaning of this word. Warlock means oath-breaker, and since Malakim are highly honlorable and oath driven beings, indeed they must take at least four, then one who is Fallen must have somehow broken all their oaths, until they have become meaningless to it.

The Malakim were created as Pure uncorruptible beings to thwart Lucifer's rebellion, and they did their job well, but even God is not perfect and neither were exactly the malakim. The One Above knew that one day one of these Pure Ones would fall in to Hell, it would be as inevitable as some demons redeeming, but She wanted to stave this day off as long as possible. however the Malakim proved reliable and well for millennia, not a one even came close to the Pit, until Uriel's Crusade.

Uriel's overzelousness in this conquest worried a lot of people, what had started as a clean-up turned in to a a complete quest for Ethereal Annihilation, Uriel and his servitors began slipping towards the Pit and Lucifer was pleased. God however in the interests of keeping the Malakim from disaster, pulled Uriel back to let off steam, then temporarily let the Word of Purity move back in importance. The irony of this was that by pulling Uriel back and doing this to stop the first malakim fallings, God had also set abput making it even easier for Malakim to be corrupted and Fall.

Enter Samuel, a former servitor of Purity, now of the Sword, examining the demons and their society so as to better understand them. Gradually he came to tolerate them, then respect them, then to admire them, and he let his oaths and tasks fall by the wayside. He received dissonance for disobediance to Laurence, he gained dissonance for denying his nature, in time he became a pitiful discordant creature, hunted and hated by his own. It was in this dark state that a revelation occurred, the malakim could not fall because they were filled with the light of God, it shone brighter then in any other choir, the only way out for him was to make himself blind to God. So Samuel became Samael, Blind to God, and the First Warlock.

Heaven was in uproar and Laurence was dragged before the Seraphim Council to explain, cowering under the joint gazes of Dominic and Michael, for one of the few times in agreement about angelic conduct. As it happened it also set about the creation of the Ronin, a League of Outcast Malakim, determined to be masterless and fight the war how they wish, or not fight it at all.

To cover up his failure Laurence began an earnest hunt for Samael and the Ronin, that ended in failure. A squad of four Malakim caught up with Samael in the Corporeal Realm under the guard of four strong soldiers and two Calabim, by the end of the conflict the soldiers were dead, one of the Calabim had been soul killed the other had lost his vessel, and the four malakim had Fallen as well. Now Hell had five warlocks, and heaven's spirits dropped lower.

Hell had never been able to duplicate an infernal version of the Malakim, but now they had prototypes to copy, however cloning warlocks proved more difficult then expected, and there are still only a few to each Prince. Needless to say Malakim hunt Warlocks with unparalled fervor, above even Shedim and balseraphs, and Warlocks return the hate in spades.

Resonance - Being the ulitmate Oath Breakers themselves, they have the ability to see agreements between others, and tear them apart, they can make even the most dependable people dodgers, turn even the best of friends and lovers to betryal, cause priests to give up the faith, scientists to lose faith in logic. They perceive with a perception roll agreements and affirmations made by people, then use will to break them, the check didgit is the indicator of how important the oath they perceive, and how much damage is done to it, and how quickly.

Dissonance - It is dissonant for a warlock to swear to do anything of an honorable nature, or to allow honorable inidividuals to continue with there dilusions.

Appearance - Another irony is that the ebon shaded Malakim become bright white when they Fall, but not a healthy white, but rather like the white of toxic fungi. Their eyes burn a brilliant and frightening red, gleaming with devilish evil. They take handsome vessels, with hidden flaws that they only reveal in secret, they like to be charming in public, monsters in secret.


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