Michael's Trial

By David Edelstein (amadan@amadan.org)


He was charged with vainglory. What I'm thinking about is WHY being vainglorious would be a bad thing, besides the obvious, that being vain is probably bad for angels. But Dominic had to have a good reason for bringing Michael up on charges. He's not stupid -- he probably KNEW that this wouldn't be very good for Heaven's War effort. And he probably knew that if anyone could safely be vain without fear of Falling, it's Michael.

I see two possibilities. One is that (as someone else pointed out) Dominic simply HAD to charge him, because Michael was committing a sin, and regardless of whether or not it was justified, it's in Dominic's nature to call judgment down upon anyone he perceives committing an infraction. He simply couldn't do otherwise.

But if we assume that Dominic has some discretion, then one has to ask, WHY did he charge Michael? He couldn't have really wanted to remove Michael as General of the Host. So perhaps it was because, effective as Michael was, Dominic saw that he was getting too carried away with stomping demons, and disregarding the collateral damage done to the Symphony as he and his angels merrily blasted every bad guy in sight, damn the disturbance. The reason Michael was ignoring disturbance was that he was being vainglorious -- he figured it's his job to whomp on Hell, and he's the Archangel of War and General of the Host, dammit, so screw anyone who (like Dominic) who tries to tell him how to do his job. He don't have to listen to no one but God....

I figure that had Michael been found guilty and not been pardoned by God, Dominic would probably have assigned a penalty like "Thou Shalt Walk Humbly Henceforth, and Thou Shalt Not Disturb the Symphony With Thy Unseemly Boasting and Gratuitous Commotions, and Thou Shalt Take Instructions from the Seraphim Council When Needful."


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