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Subject: IN> Dominic, Again

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> Subject: Re: IN> Dominic is not a Bad Guy

> Perhaps it's my cynicism concerning the judicial system in *our* country
> that has me all riled up about this, but I believe that Dominic had a
> political agenda in mind when he tried Gabriel. You'll notice that
> Dominic *didn't* try Gabriel when she was present at the birth of
> Christianity. Why? Because as long as Gabriel *seemed* to support
> Christianity she was fine. As soon as she *seemed* to show support Islam,
> however, she crossed some invisible line in the sand as far as Dominic was
> concerned.

Archangel Beth throws in (along with the LintKing):
> Dominic's word is *Judgment*, not Justice. While he does apparently
> attempt to play fair, it's not clear that this is a requirement of
> his Word.... Obviously he needs an equal Elohite of Justice to
> balance him. Maybe he had one, once, who Fell...

You know, the more I think of it, the more I like my original interpretation of Dominic:

He's young.

Alright, he's been around for 2000 years or so, that we can presume. Heavenly duty -- he hasn't had to deal with the unusual circumstances of corporal Earth duty all that much. He's...aware of it, but he knows where his job is.

And, being a Seraph, he's DETERMINED to do what's right. He was given a WORD. And, for God's sake {ahem}, he's going to perform his duties to his utmost.

Look at the system he's set up -- only his *most favoured* servitors can go judge off by themselves. Otherwise, it takes a triad of angels to pass judgment, and that only after (presumed) he's given it the review. This is not the set-up of a tyrant; he's giving all sorts of "fair shakes" that he doesn't have to give.

Psychologically, Dominic is in a bad place. He doesn't WANT to be the bad guy... but it's his WORD. He, and he alone, has the Word that says, "There are angels going bad out there, find them out." He's a little paranoid... because what if one slips by? That means HE's slipped... and maybe he isn't worthy of the calling he has been given.

Dominic DOESN'T WANT to find bad angels. It tears him to pieces knowing that good is being corrupted. So he hardens his Heart (so to speak) and Does His Duty. He's not an Elohim - he doesn't have to be uninvolved emotionally...but sometimes he wishes he could be. He knows the truth though -- he's a Seraph. And that's what he was Made to be.

Unfortunately, the years are getting to him. He's beginning to try to find those who are corruptable a bit early...because the pressure's on. He probably knows at this point that he was a little jumpy about Gabriel. Wouldn't you be? Here you are, told that Christianity is going to be dominant...and all of a sudden, one of your sisters-in-spirit is making googly eyes at a prophet and rewriting what you (Dominic), as a Seraph, knew as the Truth.

The plan is ineffable...sure. But that plan didn't come from HIM, it came from Yves. Suspicion.

Of course, you're going to ask questions. You HAVE to. It's Your Word. Your Job. Your Being.

And you try so hard...because you're Good. Because Good has to try hard. It isn't always easy.

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