Six ideas for Yahweh

By John Karakash (


Heh. An amusing thought here... Let's consider what could have been the power source that catapulted JAEG (just another ethereal god) into the heights that He now occupies? [Assume that pre-history memory fiddling or whatever has been done so that the result looks like the canonical IN universe.]

1) There is an almighty Creator . . . but it's not Yahweh. Y'see, he found the Creator sleeping and has managed to trap it/tap into its powers. Fun storyline: what if the Creator begins to wake up?

2) Until Yahweh came onto the scene, all souls either reincarnated or dissipated on death. He figured out a way to trap them in a giant soul-machine to maintain his power. Variation: What if Lucifer is still working for Yahweh, but keeps his machine of 'evil' souls separate to stop the machine from shorting out?

3) Many Yahwehs, across many multiverses (of which the canonical In Nomine is but one) managed to combine themselves somehow into the first truly singular deity? This multi-universal aspect allowed him to create the celestial realm (which is really just another universe brought into conjunction with the corporeal/ethereal). The Upper Heavens is where the central Godhood rests and is the juncture between universes.

4) Yahweh and Lucifer realized (which one came up with the idea greatly changes the flavor here) a way to set up a bipolar system of domains. The energy flow from the conflict would be magnitudes greater than the 'low level' stuff produced by normal ethereal squabbling. By working together to fine-tune their 'fight', they both became insanely powerful... enough to set up two new realms. Fun idea: What if Yahweh has been having second thought? How about Lucifer? What if the antagonistic pairings between AAs and DPs was encouraged? (Especially the one between Gabriel/Belial.)

5) ALL ethereal gods used to be as powerful as Yahweh, each in their own universe, but for some reason (lack of worshippers? grand conjunction? trickery by Yahweh?) were forced into one and lost most of their powers. What if major ethereal being suddenly became as powerful as a Superior... or even more so?

[Spoilers for Kult... if you haven't read the game and are planning to play in it, don't read idea #6. One of the great things about Kult is that a typical campaign is supposed to change the way you view the world... something that can only be done once.

If you don't ever intend to play, do yourself a BIG favor and buy it. I love IN, but, bar none, Kult has the grandest and most provocative themes I've every seen in an RPG. Better yet, buy it for your favorite GM and make THEM run it, so they can surprise you with how fun it is.]

6) To steal an idea from Kult, what if all HUMANS are as powerful as Yahweh... but have been tricked into forgetting it? Human belief is powerful enough to create ethereal beings... isn't that an indicator that there is a lot more untapped potential?


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